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Is It Time to Service Your Water Heater?

A water heater is something that we need throughout the year. If you’re rinsing or washing dishes or doing a load of laundry, you expect hot water no matter what the weather is outdoors. And very few people can enjoy a cold shower.

But in the winter, the need for hot water is even more apparent. Without it, you simply cannot handle a shower, or just turning on the faucet to rinse a dish. And, while it’s still fall, the chill of winter will set in before we know it.

Get your water heater into shape now, not right as the temperatures are dropping. Here’s what you should do.

Schedule Repairs If Your Water Heater Is Just Not Right

When your water heater is not functioning the way it’s supposed to, a standard tune-up just won’t do. Call a technician for repairs to make sure you can tackle the problem before it gets any worse. Even a seemingly minor problem can develop into something bigger in a matter of a few short weeks—or sooner. Call a local plumber if you notice:

  • Loud noises coming from the tank or the pipes.
  • Hot water that runs out sooner than it should.
  • Leaks anywhere near the tank.
  • Cold water mixing with the hot.
  • Flakes of rust when you open a hot water tap.

Schedule Maintenance If Your Water Heater Needs a Tune-Up

We recommend a tune-up for any water heater, not just those that are starting to show signs of aging. A water heater maintenance session includes an inspection that allows you to know if there is a hidden problem within your water heater that needs repair, or if there are any safety issues. And you get a tune-up that really gets your water heater into shape.

In many cases, water heater tune-ups have been known to increase fuel efficiency. When everything runs smoothly, your water heater doesn’t need so much energy to run. And water heaters that receive regular tune-ups typically last longer than those that don’t.

The winter season is coming! Get your water heater in Jerome, ID ready with the help of Evans Plumbing Inc.

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