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Sump Pumps & Service in Twin Falls, ID

As the snow melts during the spring in the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley, many homes and buildings face a danger of water flooding into their basements and crawlspaces. Storms can also create flooding issues, and there are always unexpected plumbing accidents that can cause water to cascade down into the lower parts of a home. In other words: you should have protection for your house in case of serious water damage, which is expensive to mitigate and can destroy valuable personal belongings. The best defense against flooding is to have a sump pump professionally installed.

You can contact Evans Plumbing Inc to arrange to install a sump pump for your house in Twin Falls, ID or throughout Southern Idaho. We also offer service to repair and replace malfunctioning sump pumps so you’ll always have the pump ready to go in case of flooding. We’ve provided homes with this and many other plumbing services since 1975. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

Sump Pump Installation: The Two Basic Types

There are many types of sump pump models, but they fall into two standard categories:

  • Pedestal sump pumps: These pumps are installed over the sump (the excavated pit where water collects in the basement or crawlspace), and a pipe runs down from the pump and into the sump. As water collects in the sump, impeller motors in the pump draw it up through the pipe and then send it into the wastewater system. These types of sump pumps are easy to service and last for many years, but they consume more energy than the other type.
  • Submersible sump pumps: As the name suggests, these pumps are placed down within the sump itself. As water rises around the pump, the impeller motor draws the water through an intake, and then sends it out through a pipe from the top of the sump. These pumps are more energy efficient, but also suffer from more wear and tear due to being in contact with water.

You can trust to your professional installer to find the right model for your needs and see that it is properly hooked up to the plumbing.

We Offer Sump Pump Maintenance and Repair in the Greater Twin Falls Area

A sump pump that won’t work when you really need it is no good to you at all. To make sure that your sump pump doesn’t develop trouble during a long dry stretch without work, arrange for our plumbers to regularly inspect it and give it "thumbs up"—or else arrange for the repairs that will get it ready. In some situations, it may be best to have a sump pump replacement rather than to keep going with the old one and to continue with repair work; we’ll help you with this choice and then handle the replacement job. If you ever encounter a sump pump that isn’t working right, you can always reach us to arrange for a fast sump pump repair job.

No matter what type of sump pump services you require in Twin Falls, ID or the surrounding areas, trust Evans Plumbing Inc with the work! We aim to see that you’re satisfied on every job we do.

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