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Dual Fuel Systems & Service in Twin Falls, ID

One of the comfort systems that we install in homes is the heat pump, which is capable of working as both a heating and air conditioning system as needed. Heat pumps offer many advantages, but they can run up against one drawback: loss of energy efficiency when the outside temperature starts to plummet past freezing. Does this mean that a heat pump is off the table for a place like Twin Falls, ID that experiences chilly winters? No, not all! There’s an option called a dual fuel heat pump that can overcome the efficiency problem standard heat pumps may deal with.

Are you interested in finding out more about a hybrid heat dual fuel systems? Do you think a heat pump installation isn’t sufficient for your winter needs? Or do you already have a hybrid heat pump but you need it either repaired or maintained? Then call Evans Plumbing Inc! We have technicians trained and equipped to handle any dual fuel system service you may need. Your comfort is our number one priority, and the most important job we do is the job we do for you!

Why You May Consider Installing a Dual Fuel Heat Pump

If you know a bit about how heat pumps work, you’ll know that a heat pump when it’s in heating mode must draw thermal energy from the outside in order to send it inside. There is always some heat in the outdoor air, no matter how cold it gets, so a heat pump has a source of energy all the time. But for many heat pumps, it requires too much strain to draw heat from extremely cold air, usually when the temperature is below freezing. When the thermometer drops below what’s known as the economic balance point (which differs depending on relatively humidity), these heat pumps will turn inefficient.

What a dual fuel system does is connect the heat pump to a backup heater that uses a different fuel source. Usually this is a natural gas or propane furnace. When the temperature drops below the economic balance point, the furnace activates and assists the heat pump with maintaining warmth indoors. As soon as the heat pump no longer needs the help of the backup system, the furnace automatically shuts off. You won’t end up paying much more to run a hybrid heat pump than a standard heat pump, since the second heater will run only a fraction of the time.

We Offer Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about whether a dual fuel system is right for your house or not. That’s our job! We’ll have our heating professionals look over your house and fuel sources and help you make the choice for the right kind of HVAC system, and then they’ll install it so that it does the exact job you need from it.

Evans Plumbing Inc is also the company to call whenever you need repairs for your heat pump or its backup furnace. We’re available 24 hours a day to fix whatever problem ails your hybrid heat pump. We’ll also regularly inspect and tune–up the system so you won’t have to worry about whether it will make it through the winter (or summer). Trust us to handle all your comfort needs in Twin Falls, ID and throughout southern Idaho.

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