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The HVAC system in your home consists of the ventilation network, the air conditioner, the heater, the air handler—and the thermostat. People sometimes forget about that last item, but the thermostat is a vital part of how your home’s comfort system operates. You communicate to your AC, heater, and fan through the controls of the thermostat, and the small unit also measures temperatures in your house to know when to turn on and off heating and cooling. Without a good, working thermostat to control it, an HVAC system would be almost useless.

Do you have the best thermostat for your home’s comfort? If you have reason to believe that you don’t, or you want to upgrade the thermostat to the most advanced in current climate technology, call Evans Plumbing Inc. We’re comfort experts for Twin Falls, ID and throughout Southern Idaho. We’re focused on delivering the best work possible on every job for our customers. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

How a Malfunctioning Thermostat Affects Comfort and Efficiency

There are a number of different ways that a thermostat can break. If its temperature sensor becomes miscalibrated, the incorrect readings will cause the AC or heater to start to turn on and off at strange times. This is not only a recipe for discomfort, it wastes energy and places undue stress on the system. A thermostat can also lose one of its connections to the rest of the HVAC system, leading to a heater/AC that won’t turn on or won’t turn off.

Call our repair experts if something seems wrong with your HVAC system that may come from the thermostat. Don’t attempt to fix the thermostat yourself by unscrewing the cover and fiddling with the wires! This type of work requires trained professionals.

Some Possibilities for New Thermostat Installation

When you need to have new thermostats put for a home, or you’re looking for an upgrade with a thermostat replacement, you have many more options than the old–fashioned manual "slide–n–dials" models. Here are some of the current choices:

  • Digital thermostat: Even making a basic switch from a manual thermostat to a "no–frills" digital unit is an improvement. Digital thermostats are more precise, which gives you help with energy savings. But a programmable digital thermostat is an even better option, as it gives you climate control when you aren’t home or are asleep.
  • Wireless thermostat: More technology is going wireless, and this applies to thermostats as well. Wireless thermostats allow for easy placement and come with remote controls.
  • Smart thermostats: If you want the best in current climate control technology, a smart thermostat is the way to go. What makes it "smart"? It learns from your temperature settings, and then adapts its own programming that maximizes comfort and savings. Plus, you can access the thermostat through an app on your phone, computer, or other device from almost anywhere.

Thermostat Services for Better Home Life in the Greater Twin Falls Area

We hope by reading this page you’ll have a better understanding of how important the thermostat is for your home. When you have a quality thermostat working the way it should, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted comfort and see lower utility bills. Our technicians at Evans Plumbing Inc are dedicated to seeing that you receive the highest quality service possible when it comes to your HVAC system, and that includes the thermostat. You can trust to our more than four decades of history helping out Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas.

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