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Tank Water Heater Services in Twin Falls, ID

The modern water heater is well over a century old, and for most of that time the most common model in residential buildings has been the tank water heater, a.k.a. the storage water heater. You’re certainly familiar with this type: it uses a water tank to store a supply of water, and either gas burners or electrical heating elements raise the temperature of the stored water. You’ve probably spent most of your life in homes that use storage water heaters.

Although new water heater technology has come along, the tank water heater is still a popular choice. If you’re looking to have a tank water heater installed in your home, or your current model needs repairs, maintenance, or other services, call on Evans Plumbing Inc. We are a leader in water heater services in Twin Falls, ID and throughout the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

The Advantages Installing a Tank Water Heater

There are other water heaters on the market, such as tankless and heat pump models. These all offer special benefits. Is there any reason to stay with a tank water heater? Yes, because there are some benefits here as well, such as rapid hot water delivery. Tankless systems have a delay on sending hot water to the taps, but tank water heaters have their heated water all ready to go: faster arrival, and less water waste while you wait for the water from a tap to heat up.

Storage tank water heaters are often a more cost–effective option. Both tankless and heat pump water heaters are pricier to install upfront, although they offer long–term savings. But your budget may simply not allow for this, and in this case a tank water heater is the better choice—and it should deliver the hot water volume you need if you have professional install it.

What Type of Water Heater Should You Have Installed?

To get through the dilemma of choosing a type and size of tank water heater, make sure that you consult with a professional. That way you’ll know that your new system will have enough hot water to meet your household’s requirements without wasting energy.

  • Gas tank water heaters: This is the more popular type of storage water heater. Natural gas is a clean and inexpensive energy source, and it helps to heat up water fast.
  • Electric tank water heaters: Not every house has access to a natural gas line. For these homes, an electric water heater is a good alternative.

We Repair and Maintain Tank Water Heaters in the Greater Twin Falls Area

Tank water heaters can suffer from a range of repair issues, such as a rise in water pressure due to an increase in sediment, corrosion, broken circulator pumps, and leaks of all kinds. You can contact us whenever you need repair work done fast, and we’ll be there to take care of you. We also offer regular maintenance to help you stave off future repair problems.

Evans Plumbing Inc is the contractor that you can trust when it comes to protecting your hot water supply. Whether you live in Twin Falls or elsewhere in Southern Idaho, make us your first choice for complete tank water heater service.

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