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Heat Pump Water Heaters & Service in Twin Falls, ID

The technology of water heaters hasn’t been running in place. It keeps sprinting forward with new advances that make supplying a home with water easier and more energy efficiency than ever. Along with the rising popularity of tankless water heaters, another alternative to the standard tank water heater is a unit that uses the power of a heat pump as the energy source to keep a supply of water hot and ready for use. Heat pump water heaters are a good option to investigate when you’re planning for a water heater installation or replacement.

Evans Plumbing Inc offers service for a wide range of water heater types, including heat pump units as well as hybrid water heaters, both gas and electric. You can call our water heater specialists to find out more about installation, or to schedule services such as repairs and maintenance for the unit that currently serves your home. We’re one of the best water heater contractors in Twin Falls, ID and the rest of Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley.

How Heat Pump Water Heaters and Hybrid Water Heaters Work

The basic type of heat pump water heater has a standard storage tank for the water. But instead of using natural gas burners or electric heating elements inside the tank, the water heater has a heat pump attached to it to supply energy to raise the water’s temperature. The heat pump runs from the circulation of refrigerant: the refrigerant absorbs heat from the ambient air, and then this is released to warm the water inside the tank.

Hybrids, both hybrid electric water heaters and hybrid gas waters heaters, are bit different. These systems operate like tankless water heaters most of the time, meaning they heat up water as it is needed. But they also have a small back–up tank of water for times when the demand for hot water is in danger of lowering energy efficiency.

Why Consider a Hybrid Water Heater or Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump water heater is a great way to save money on your energy bills compared to a conventional water heater that uses either gas or electric power. You only consume electricity to move heat from one place to another, rather than burn a fuel supply to create heat. This is more energy–efficient way to heat up water. And it’s also an extremely safe way.

Hybrid water heaters are a "best of both worlds" choice for the benefits of both tank and tankless models. They’re also a great upgrade from conventional water heaters, since you won’t have to make much alteration to your current set–up. We recommend looking into a hybrid when you’re doing remodeling.

Contact Us for Heat Pump Water Heater Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area

You may find yourself a bit confused about what type of water heater you should have installed for your home since there are so many choices. Thankfully, you can always depend on our professionals to guide you when it’s time for a replacement or new installation. We also offer complete services to care for water heaters. If your system starts to fall down on the job, simply call on our technicians to arrange for fast and effective repairs. You should also arrange to have routine maintenance for your hybrid or heat pump water heater so that it continues to do a great job with little interruption.

No matter your water heater needs in Twin Falls, ID or the rest of Southern Idaho, you can rely on Evans Plumbing Inc. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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