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Pool Heaters & Service in Twin Falls, ID

The Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley areas are fantastic vacation spots that attract visitors throughout the year. They also draw in many year-round residents. One of the pleasures of any vacation spot is swimming, whether it’s in one of the local lakes or natural hot springs, or in a luxurious in-ground pool. We enjoy both indoor and outdoor pools in Southern Idaho, but regardless of which kind you have, you’ll need to have a pool heating system to get the most use out of it.

Evans Plumbing Inc has many years of helping to heat homes and businesses in Twin Falls, ID and throughout the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley. Part of those heating services is supplying indoor and outdoor pools with effective heating. If you’re putting in a new pool, or you already have a pool, make sure that you have a heating system to keep it at the right temperature so you can enjoy it for many months throughout the year.

We Consider Power for Your Pool Heater Installation

Solar radiation from the sun is the standard way that pools receive heat. But your pool won’t always be in direct sunlight, and during cooler weather the surface of the pool will lose its heat rapidly, no matter how much sunlight it may receive. The job of a pool heater is to overcome the heat loss along the surface. To determine how large a pool heater is necessary to keep your pool comfortable for swimmers and bathers, you must calculate the surface area of the pool and the speed that it loses heat.

But don’t worry about trying to make the calculation yourself: this is the job of our professional installers. You can’t put in a pool heating system yourself and hope to have it work the way it should, so you’ll need the expert installers on the job from the start. They’ll determine how large a heater the pool requires, and they’ll also pick the right energy source for it, such as electrical or natural gas.

Pool Heater Repairs and Maintenance

Any pool, indoor or outdoor, must receive regular maintenance to keep it clean and beautiful. Part of that maintenance is looking over the heating system every year to inspect and tune it up. In this way, it’s just like any home heating system such as a furnace. Regular maintenance will help ensure the longest service life for the pool heater, the fewest repair issues, and the highest level of energy efficiency.

If you should find that your pool has gone cold, call our technicians to see about repairing the pool heater. In some cases, older pool heaters may need a replacement, and we can take care of this job as well.

We’re the Choice for Pool Heating Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area!

At Evans Plumbing Inc, we have made a name for ourselves as a quality contractor for both homes and businesses in Twin Falls, ID and throughout the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction has made a success over four decades. If you are looking to have a heater installed for your pool, or a current pool heater serviced, our technicians are the ones you should call first. We won’t be satisfied with the work we do for you until you are satisfied. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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