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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Twin Falls, ID

Summer brings in many warm and pleasant days in the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley and throughout Southern Idaho. This is one of the reasons the region is such a popular resort and vacation spot. However, the summer weather can also turn intense, with the outdoor thermometers rising into the high 90s. You can’t always take a dip in a pool or a river to cool off—especially if you’re concerned about comfort in a business, rather than your home. Commercial air conditioning is something that requires special thought and expert service to make sure that a business in the area keeps cool through the busy and profitable summer months.

Evans Plumbing Inc understands how to provide the hot-weather comfort commercial properties require in the Twin Falls, ID area. We have many decades of experience in the region, and we’re committed to both homes and businesses. Contact us when you need commercial air conditioning installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance service, and we’ll be there to offer you great comfort solutions.

What Makes Commercial Air Conditioners Different?

Commercial air conditioners are obviously more powerful than the ACs used in residential homes. They must handle the comfort demand of many people, as well as overcome the additional heat that all those bodies generate.

Size isn’t the only difference between commercial and residential cooling, however. The majority of commercial ACs are packaged units. Instead of housing half of the components inside the building (the air handler and evaporator coils) and the other half on the outside (the compressor and the condenser coils), in a packaged unit all the components are housed within a single outdoor unit. Usually this unit is placed on the roof, saving space and keeping your property looking uncluttered. Rooftop units are also easier for technicians to service without disrupting your business.

Watch for Signs You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

A great commercial AC installation means units that will work properly for years to come. However, nothing can prevent every single repair problem. Keep a close watch for potential issues in the air conditioner so you can call our repair experts to have the trouble addressed before you end up with an uncomfortably warm building and unhappy employees and/or customers.

One of the best early warning signs of a malfunctioning AC is when summer utility bills rise for no obvious reason. Strange noises coming through the vents, such as grinding and shrieking sounds, often indicate mechanical trouble in the rooftop units. When hot spots start popping up in parts of the building, it often means the air conditioner is failing or there’s something wrong with the ventilation system.

We’re the Experts for Great Commercial Cooling in the Twin Falls Area

If you are looking to have a new air conditioning system installed for your commercial property, or you’re looking to have an older one replaced, simply call us to get everything in motion. We’ll properly size the new air conditioner units to meet your comfort needs and maximize energy use. After that, you can rest easy knowing that should anything go wrong, you can reach us for fast repairs. Make sure that you also arrange for our routine maintenance service: you’re much less likely to run into emergency hot weather trouble that way. Evans Plumbing Inc is here in Twin Falls, ID to see your property stays comfortable throughout the summers. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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