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Don’t Miss Out: Schedule Annual Heating Maintenance ASAP

Most people don’t give much thought to their heaters until it really starts to get chilly. But if you don’t schedule this preseason service, you may find that you soon wish you had.

Professional heating maintenance service includes a tune-up of your heater that can help it to operate smoothly and use less energy with each cycle. More importantly, most people who get annual maintenance services are able to avoid costly, sudden system breakdowns in the middle of winter.

Could Your Furnace or Boiler Be in Trouble?

When you test out your heater for the first time this year, you might assume that everything is working just fine. After all, you feel heat and airflow from the vents, and the thermostat seems to be working just as it should.

But these aren’t the only indicators of a problem. Hidden issues inside of a furnace or boiler get worse and worse as winter draws near and your heater has to work harder and harder.

At this point, only a seasoned professional is really able to find trouble within a system. Technicians can recognize the “smaller” issues that lead to big problems later on, such as:

  • A dirty burner
  • Dirt and debris in the blower
  • Improper voltage
  • Cracks in the heat exchanger (a MAJOR safety issue)

During a maintenance visit and inspection, plumbers may be able to resolve some of these issues, such as a dirty burner, on the spot. Other issues may need to be rescheduled for repair.

Schedule Service Today

Schedule service with a trained technician today, so that you’re not dealing with problems when it’s way too cold to go without heat. The sooner you schedule service, the less likely you are to need emergency service in the middle of a busy heating season.

Contact Evans Plumbing Inc for heating maintenance services in Sun Valley, ID so that your heater is ready for the work ahead.

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