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Radiant Heating Systems & Service in Twin Falls, ID

The most common types of heating systems found in homes use convection heating, which means they heat up air and then blow that air around through the rooms. You’re probably familiar with these forced-air systems, which include all types of furnaces and heat pumps. But homes can also receive heat through radiant heating, such as a boiler or in-floor heating. There are a number of advantages to going with a radiant heating system, and more and more people are discovering them each year.

Evans Plumbing Inc is the largest contractor for radiant heating systems in Twin Falls, ID and throughout Southern Idaho. We work with in-floor heating installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. If you want to find out more about radiant heating systems, or you wish to schedule service for one, just give us a call. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

How Radiant Heating Works

Radiant heating refers to heat that travels from a hot surface to another hot surface without heating the air between. You feel radiant heating any time you walk out into the sun. It’s also the type of heating you feel coming from the hot surface of a car in sunlight or coming off a glowing lightbulb.

The majority of radiant heating systems installed in homes are hydronic systems, which means they heat up water and circulate it to terminal points (radiators, baseboard heaters) to raise their temperature and send heat waves into the living spaces. One popular option for a radiant heater is in–floor heating, where the hot water is piped through a subfloor that heats up the floor itself.

Why Consider a Radiant Heating Installation?

Furnaces are basic installations and can get the job done of keeping a home warm through winter. But there are some good reasons to think about going with a radiant heater instead, such as in–floor heating:

  • Superb comfort: Radiant heaters just feel cozy to people, more so than the heated air coming from a furnace. The sensation is very much like being warmed by the sun, which is a welcome pleasure during the winter.
  • Even heat distribution: In–floor heaters are especially good at spreading warmth quickly and evenly through a room. This translates into better comfort, as well as needing to run the heater less often.
  • Energy–efficient performance: Water transfer heats more effectively than air, so hydronic radiant heaters usually cost less to run than furnaces.

We Offer Radiant Heating Repair and Maintenance Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area

The work of installing a radiant heating system, in particular an in–floor system, is extensive. Only experienced professionals should take on such a job. If you would like a radiant heating system for your property, contact Evans Plumbing Inc and we’ll arrange to get the job done right. We also offer complete service to keep your radiant heater in the best shape possible, from regular maintenance to emergency repairs any time of the day or night.

We have more than 40 years of history providing comfort to homes and businesses throughout Twin Falls and the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley. We’re dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations no matter what the job is!

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