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Gas Piping Services in Twin Falls, ID

When people think of plumbing and pipes, their thoughts usually turn to the fresh water and water pipes that serve their homes. But the field of plumbing also includes the pipes that carry natural gas from the gas main and to the various appliances that use it. If you live in a home that relies on natural gas in any way, such as for a furnace or the kitchen, you may need the services of gas lines plumbers at some point.

Evans Plumbing Inc provides natural gas piping services, including installing pipes for new appliances and making repairs for damaged or leaking pipes. We’re licensed to work on gas lines and will place your safety as our first priority. The next time you’re looking for natural gas line services in Twin Falls, ID or elsewhere in the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley and Southern Idaho, simply give us a call!

Should You Expand Your Natural Gas Piping?

Natural gas is an excellent energy resource for homes and businesses. It burns cleanly and is less costly than relying on electricity—especially when it comes to powering home heating systems. Natural gas also comes to you from a municipal supply, which means that unlike heating oils such as propane, you never have to worry about running out.

If your home already uses natural gas, we recommend that you look for way to expand it to other parts of the house. For example, if you only use natural gas for your furnace, you’re missing out on what a difference it can make in your kitchen. Not only will you save money on energy bills, but gas–powered ovens and stoves are more effective for cooking—just ask any professional chef. You might also want to consider installing a gas–powered laundry machine. Our gas piping professionals will put in the new lines (including flexible gas lines) so you can take advantage of all these and more benefits of expanding gas use.

Only Call Licensed Professionals for Gas Line Repairs and Service!

Plumbing work in general around the house should be left to experienced plumbers. But when it comes to a house’s gas lines, it is essential for your safety that you contact professionals who are licensed to work on natural gas lines. This is not only an issue of safety, but also usually a legal requirement: in most jurisdictions, the law requires that only a licensed professional work on any appliance or line connected to a gas main. You don’t want to put yourself, your family, your home, or your neighborhood at risk because of an improper gas line repair or installation. You only need to call our team for skilled, licensed repair work.

We Offer Natural Gas Pipe Services to the Greater Twin Falls Area

The most common jobs you may need for your natural gas lines are repairs or new installations. We handle both, and you can expect to see the job done right the first time, whatever it may be. Our gas line plumbers are licensed and trained so that your home will stay safe.

If you want to hear more about how to increase the ways that your house uses natural gas, call our plumbers at Evans Plumbing Inc. They’ll be glad to give you ideas that will improve your energy savings and your quality of life in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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