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Water Line Services in Twin Falls, ID

Perhaps the most important pipeline in your home’s plumbing system is the main water line. This is the underground pipe that branches off from the municipal water system to carry fresh, potable water into your household plumbing. Without it, you wouldn’t have running water—and you wouldn’t have a livable house! Most main water lines are made of durable material, but nothing will last forever, and at some point you may need to either have the line repaired or even fully replaced.

You can probably already tell that this isn’t a job you can either tackle yourself or with the help a non-professional plumber. This is a big task, and it takes the skill of an experienced and licensed plumbing contractor to do the job correctly and on-time. Evans Plumbing Inc is your best resource for this work in Twins Falls, ID and the Wood River Valley. Call us up today to schedule your water main repair or water replacement services.

How to Tell You Need Main Water Line Repair

The main water line runs underground, but there are some signs you can watch for that will warn you that it’s in trouble and you need to schedule repairs:

  • Water pools on the yard: When you notice water pooling on your property even though you haven’t watered it and there was no recent rain, it often means the water main has sprung a leak.
  • Water pressure drop in the house: If the flow of water into your home drops because of a broken water main, the water pressure throughout the house will also noticeably drop.
  • Water discoloration: When you notice rusty and earth–colored discoloration in your water supply, one possibility is sediment that’s entering through cracks and holes in the pipe.

Complete Water Line Replacement

Old water lines might be made from material such as galvanized steel that will eventually start to corrode away. Steel and iron lines should be replaced with copper lines. But even copper lines can start to corrode because of chemicals in the water. If you call for a professional to repair a damaged line, you might find out that the problem is extensive enough that you’ll need to have the line completely replaced with a new one. This is one of the more extensive plumbing tasks you might need done, so make sure you call on us and our experience and equipment.

We Will Fix or Replace Your Main Water Line in the Twin Falls Area

To answer a question that people often ask: yes, the water line to your home is your responsibility as a homeowner, not the responsibility of the water company. The stretch that runs under your property line to your house needs your attention when something goes wrong with it. That’s why you should always have a skilled plumbing company ready to help out when you run into any difficulties with the line.

Evans Plumbing Inc has a long history in Twin Falls, ID and the rest of Southern Idaho assisting both homes and businesses with water line repair and replacement. Call us today to set up water line servicesEvans Plumbing at Your Door.

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