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Air Conditioning Services in Twin Falls, ID

In the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley area it’s almost impossible to make it through the middle of the year without a durable and energy-efficient air conditioning system to keep the household comfortably cool. Your air conditioner plays a valuable role in your life, trust our professionals to perform the AC repair, installation and maintenance services you need to stay cool throughout the summer. Evans Plumbing Inc is the trusted choice for quality air conditioning services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding area.

For the superior air conditioning services to keep your family cool in Twin Falls, ID and throughout most of southern and central Idaho, call on a contractor with the finest experience and training: Evans Plumbing Inc. We started in business in 1975, and we’re on-call 24 hours a day to provide you with prompt and reliable service from qualified technicians. Evans Plumbing at Your Door. Give us a call today to schedule air conditioning services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley area.

twin Falls Air Conditioning Installation Service

The technology of air conditioning is advancing the same way that all current technology is. When you’re planning a new AC installation, you have new options to consider that you may have not had available before. Here are a few cooling systems think about:

  • Central air conditioning: Get rid of those old window air units and have the best in high–efficiency central air conditioning to provide cold air conveniently through the whole house.
  • Evaporative Coolers: An alternative to air conditioners that use refrigerant, evaporative coolers run with the power of water to lower the heat of the air in your home. If an evaporative cooler is a good match for your house, it can help you save big on energy bills.
  • Packaged HVAC units: Don’t have enough room inside your home for a full central air conditioning system? A packaged unit puts all the components outside your house.
  • Heat pumps: Conquer two comfort problems with a single installation. A heat pump is an air conditioner that can switch the direction it operates so it will also provide heating during the winter.

At Evans Plumbing Inc, we’ll help you find the air conditioner that works best for your space. Our AC technicians consider the size and space of your home to determine system type and size. We can help you find the model that will provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness for ongoing comfort at a price you will love. All of our air conditioning installations come with a one–year guarantee on parts and labor. To learn more about our Twin Falls air conditioning installations, call our team today!

Call for AC Repair in Twin Falls, ID

Our technicians are more than capable of handling whatever AC service you may require to cool your house. Along with providing many different types of new AC installations, they’ll arrange for a great replacement system when your old one is on its last legs. If your malfunctioning air conditioner can be fixed, you can rely on our technicians for professional air conditioning repair services in Twin Falls, ID. We offer 24–hour air conditioning services throughout Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley, so you can relax knowing you’ll have a place to turn should your AC sputter to a halt during a hot day.

If you’ve noticed a decline in your air conditioner’s performance, or if it has stopped cooling completely, call our team right away. Our motto is that we’re never satisfied until you are satisfied. This is why we employ technicians with years of experience and training. To schedule AC repair in Twin Falls and the surrounding area, work with our friendly staff today.

Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our regular air conditioning maintenance service will give you extra peace of mind and see that your system works its best through the long summer. With routine cleaning and air conditioning tune up services, your system will last longer and perform better throughout the years. Give us a call today to learn more about our air conditioning maintenance services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding area.

Schedule Air Conditioning in Twin Falls, ID

Evans Plumbing Inc is the company that people rely on for air conditioning in Twin Falls, ID. We won’t be satisfied with our work until you are! Call us today to request an estimate on air conditioning services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding area.

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