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Energy Savings in Twin Falls, ID

Saving energy is on the minds of many homeowners today. There are many new installations that will help you reduce how much power your home uses, such as putting in a high-efficiency furnace and air conditioning system. But saving energy is not only about the individual appliances and fixtures in your house; it’s about your house as an entire energy system and finding ways to improve it. The best way to get started with this is to have an energy evaluation that will show you what repairs and work will help make your household more energy efficient.

For the finest professional work when it comes to home energy savings, call on Evans Plumbing Inc. We offer energy evaluations and thermal imaging that will help us remedy hot and cold spots and improve overall energy performance for your home. You can trust to our cutting edge technology and more than 40 years of history serving Twin Falls and throughout Southern Idaho.

Your Home as an Energy System

The whole–house energy approach considers a home as a single system that has interdependent parts. One of the most important of these parts is the house’s envelope, i.e. its outside heat seal. The heat seal is responsible for keeping out high temperatures during the summer and trapping heat indoor during the winter. If this seal is compromised with leaks and poor insulation, it will create both indoor discomfort and a rise in energy bills.

But this leads to the question of how you recognize these problems and solve them. If you start to notice higher energy costs as well as hot/cold spots around the house, it’s a sign you need to have an energy evaluation. Professionals will then use advanced tools to locate where your house’s envelope needs improving.

How Thermal Imaging Helps You Save Energy

The main tool that we use to evaluate a house’s energy performance is thermography, thermal imaging, which makes it possible for us to see where there are anomalies in the heating and cooling of a home. The images from our thermographic camera will pinpoint spots where heat is rapidly escaping or entering. Using this data, we can determine the problem spots around your house and come up with an intelligent plan to deal with them. Thermal imaging makes the process fast and efficient—you’ll know that we’ve zeroed in on the problem and how to remedy it.

Contact Us for an Energy Evaluation in the Greater Twin Falls Area

If you find yourself looking over your utility bills each month and wondering where all the money is going, you may be the victim of an energy–inefficient house that’s losing or gaining heat in multiple different places. Don’t let this overwhelm you! All you have to do is call up our energy evaluation professionals at Evans Plumbing Inc and arrange for thermal imaging services. Our experts will discover the repairs necessary to restore the envelope for your building and provide you with a house that will save you money each and every month. Contact our offices today to schedule service in Twin Falls, ID or the surrounding areas.

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