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Solar Water Heaters & Service in Twin Falls, ID

If you place a jar of water outside in the bright sun, you’ll soon discover how powerful radiant solar energy is at raising the temperature of water. You can turn that power into your home’s source for hot water with a professional solar water heater installation. These water heaters use only a fraction of the energy of standard electric and natural gas water heaters, and they serve as a good introduction to the benefits of harnessing solar energy for a home.

Evans Plumbing Inc installs many types of water heaters for houses, including solar water heaters. If you’re interested in making the jump to using solar power, we’re glad to help you make the change. Our specialists also handle replacement, repairs, and maintenance. Arrange for your solar water heater service in Twin Falls, ID or elsewhere in Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley today.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Solar Water Heater

Converting to solar energy of any kind in your home is a way to reduce your energy bills and also benefit the environment. The energy from the sun is both free and renewable. Beyond the cost to install a system plus its upkeep, there’s no cost for the actual energy—and that means lower bills. And because the sun’s power is renewable (i.e. you don’t use up solar energy as you would natural gas or electricity) you’ll help to reduce the drain on fossil fuels.

A specific benefit of a solar water heater is that it’s one of the easiest gateways to using solar energy. If you’ve felt hesitant about making the leap to solar power, installing a solar water heater is a good first step that will help understand the larger solar energy possibilities.

The Different Types of Solar Water Heaters

There are two basic kinds of solar water heaters for residential installation: active and passive.

  • Active solar water heaters: These water heaters circulate an anti–freeze heat transfer fluid (a type of refrigerant) through a flat plate collector mounted on the roof. The sun raises the temperature of the transfer fluid, which then enters the water heater unit indoors, where a double–walled heat exchanger transfers the heat from the fluid into the water. The hot water is then pumped into the home’s plumbing. These units are excellent for locations where the temperature can fall below freezing.
  • Passive solar water heaters: The sun heats up the water in a batch collector, directly warming it rather than using heat transfer fluid. The solar collector for this kind of system must be housed below the tank, since the water rises as it collects heat. These systems cost less than active solar water heaters, but they do not have the same level of efficiency.

Both kinds of solar water heaters require precision installation from professionals. The installers can also help you make the choice of which type of water heater will work best for your needs.

We Offer Full Solar Water Heater Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area

We receive enough sunlight in Twin Falls, ID and throughout Southern Idaho to make a solar water heater practical, which is why we think you should consider installing one. Our technicians will always be here to help you out afterwards as well. They’ll handle any repairs that you may require, as well as occasional maintenance. (Despite what you may have heard, solar energy maintenance is quite straightforward—rain does most of the work!)

Give Evans Plumbing Inc a call today and speak to our water heater experts. They’ll answer any questions you may have about solar water heaters. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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