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Boiler Services in Twin Falls, ID

The heating system most commonly found in homes today is the furnace, a position it’s held for many decades. But the boiler also remains a popular choice for home heating, and many people have found the boiler the superior choice when it comes to providing comfort through the winters. Boilers offer a number of advantages when it comes to comfort, energy efficiency, and longevity.

If you’re considering a boiler installation for your house, give us a call at Evans Plumbing Inc. Not all heating contractors work with boilers, but we do! We’ll help you with a new installation, a replacement boiler, regular maintenance to ensure the longest possible system life, or any repair issues that may come up. You can reach our technicians 24/7 whenever you have a boiler emergency. Put your trust in us to see to your household heating requirements in Twin Falls and throughout Southern Idaho.

The Boiler Basics

A boiler works through radiant heating, rather than through convection heating like a furnace or heat pump. Where forced–air systems heat up air and then vent it into rooms in order to distribute warmth, a boiler heats up water and circulates it through pipe to terminal points in the house, which can be radiators, in–floor heating pipes, or baseboard heaters. The hot water raises the temperature of the terminal point, and heat then radiates into the room from the surface. Boilers can heat the water in their tanks either through natural gas or electricity, with the former the preferred energy–efficient method.

Considering Installing a Boiler System?

Why might you consider a boiler for a new installation rather than a furnace or heat pump? These boiler advantages will give you an idea:

  • Heating efficiency: Water is a better medium for the transfer of heat than air. This makes boilers more efficient at providing heat to a house. You can expect to pay less on your energy bills thanks to this level of efficiency.
  • Longevity: Boilers can outlast most types of heating systems because they run with fewer mechanical parts that decline due to stress over time. Not only does this mean a longer service life for a boiler, but also a reduced need for repairs.
  • Even heating distribution: Air blown from vents from a furnace or heat pump tends to gather at the top of a room, taking a long time to evenly spread through a space. Radiant heat from a boiler, on the other hand, moves quickly and evenly through a room.
  • Cleaner air: Because boilers don’t use air ducts, they don’t suffer from problems with the dust, dirt, and other pollutants that develop inside them. This can be a great help for people in a household who suffer from allergies.

Call Us for Boiler Repair and Maintenance in the Greater Twin Falls Area

Boilers aren’t suited for every home, but they are definitely a good idea to consider for new home construction. Whether you’re interested in having a boiler installed or replaced, or you want to arrange for service for your current boiler, turn to Evans Plumbing Inc for the job. We have multiple decades of experience when it comes to handling the heating requirements of both homes and businesses in Twin Falls, ID and throughout the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley, and we’ll deliver the quality boiler job you need. Evans Plumbing at Your Door. Call today to schedule boiler services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding area.

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