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Evaporative Coolers & Service in Twin Falls, ID

When people think of air conditioning systems, what usually comes to mind is an electro-mechanical air conditioner that runs using refrigerant. Refrigerant is a chemical that easily switches between gas and liquid, and the air conditioner uses the evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant to move heat from inside a house to deposit it outside. But not every electro-mechanical air conditioner uses refrigerant. There’s an alternative known as an evaporative cooler, a.k.a. a swamp cooler.

You might think that a swamp cooler is a good option for cooling down your home. The best way to find out if you’re right is to call Evans Plumbing Inc and speak to our air conditioning professionals. They install new evaporative coolers and replace old ones. They’ll also take care of repairs and handle the regular maintenance to keep your AC in great condition. Look to us in Twin Falls, ID and throughout Southern Idaho for the finest in home comfort!

How an Evaporative Cooler Is Different from a Conventional Air Conditioner

When you stand next to body of water such as a lake or river during hot day, a breeze that blows across the water will feel cool and refreshing. That’s the power of evaporative cooling: the hot air in the breeze loses heat to the cooler water as it moves over it. This is the concept behind the swamp cooler.

An evaporative cooler usually sits up on the top of a house, where it uses a fan to draw in a current of dry, hot outside air. The air passes through a series of pads that are kept damp by pumps that send water from a tank into them. The air becomes cooler from the water before it enters the house.

Despite the name "swamp cooler," these comfort systems are more suited to drier conditions. Humid air will not lose heat fast enough to the water. The swamp cooler also places moisture into the air, which is helpful at humidifying dry indoor conditions—but will make humid ones worse.

Swamp Coolers Need Repairs and Maintenance as Well

The presence of water in an evaporative cooler means the system must have regular maintenance to prevent the start of corrosion and other problems. Routine service done before the warm season will help keep the pumps working and see that minerals aren’t developing in the tank. The pads will also be cleaned to avoid the development of mold and mildew. If an evaporative cooler starts to lose its cooling power, shows signs of rust, or begins sending foul odors in the house, it’ll need help from professional technicians to repair it.

Is an Evaporative Cooler Ideal for a Home in Twin Falls?

Or, more specifically, is an evaporative cooler ideal for your home? It’s an important question to answer, because not every household will actually benefit from one, and you never want to make a mistake with a large installation. Evans Plumbing Inc is here to see that you make the right decision—and then receive the best professional service possible to install whatever air conditioner is best for your needs. We have many years of experience in the Twin Falls, ID area taking care of home and business comfort needs, and you can trust us to find the right solution for your household. Call us today for an appointment, or to schedule repairs and maintenance.

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