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Video Pipe Inspection Services in Twin Falls, ID

A common concern that people have about repairs for their plumbing system is how the plumbers will even know where to start the work. Most pipes in a house, from hot and cold water lines to the sewer line and water main line, are either hidden behind construction or buried in underground trenches. How can a plumber know what’s wrong with a leaking or damaged pipe, or even be able to pinpoint the pipe’s location if they do know what’s wrong?

For decades, plumbers used various tools to help them get around these troubles. But today, there’s one tool that makes everything simpler, from cleaning drainpipes to repiping: video camera inspection equipment. This advance in plumbing technology simplifies and speeds up most repair and replacement work. Evans Plumbing Inc makes extensive use of video pipe inspection equipment, so when you’re looking for excellent plumbing work in Twin Falls, ID or the surrounding areas, make us your first call!

How Video Pipe Inspection Works

Video pipe inspection uses a special miniaturized camera and fiber optic technology to provide a plumber with a view of the interior of drain and sewer lines. The miniaturized camera along with an LED light is mounted on the end of a lengthy, flexible fiber optic cable. The cable is usually long enough to allow the camera to be sent the length of a sewer line. At the other end of the cable are video monitors that display what the camera is seeing. A plumber sends the camera down into the drainpipe or sewer line and watches the monitors. The plumber uses the images from the camera to determine types of damage, levels of cleaning required, and the location of any problem in the pipe.

The Benefits of Video Camera Inspection Services

Using video pipe inspection cuts an immense amount of ambiguity out from most plumbing repair and cleaning jobs. A plumber no longer needs to make educated guesses about how to approach a problem and go through a trial and error process: the images from the camera will explain exactly what needs to be done.

Video camera inspection also reduces the amount of time necessary to handle a job. The plumber will know exactly where the pipe needs service and what type of service and tools are required. A plumber can also use the pipe camera to show a customer how well a job was done after it’s finished.

We’re Your Full–Service Plumber in the Greater Twin Falls Area

Everyone at Evans Plumbing Inc is committed to doing the best job possible and delivering top–quality customer service each time. We aren’t happy until you are! Part of that dedication to the customer is using only the most cutting–edge technology when on the job. With our video pipe inspection services, we can cut out time waste and expensive errors and instead target right on what you need done. This is just one of the many reasons that you should make us your top choice for a plumbing contractor in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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