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When Evans Plumbing Inc set out in business over four decades ago in the Twin Falls, ID area, we wanted to set the new standard of excellence in our field. From plumbing to heating and air conditioning, we’ve succeeded, and we’re now one of the leading contractors in the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley and throughout Southern Idaho. We’re the people that companies call in when a competitor can’t get the job done, and homeowners look to us year after year to care for their comfort and plumbing needs. Thanks to our record of consistent and reliable service, offered at a fair price, we’ve grown into the successful company that many people depend on today in Blaine County.

More than 40 Years of History in the Plumbing Business

Evans Plumbing Inc started back in 1975 as Mel Evans Plumbing. Mel’s son, Bryan Evans, started working with his father from the very beginning of the business, and in 1986 Bryan purchased the company. He and his father continue to work together to grow and expand the company and its many services.

We’re now the premiere plumbing company in the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley with over 30 full–time technicians and 6 supporting staff. From residential plumbing we’ve expanded into many other service fields, such as air conditioning, heating, and commercial plumbing. Many businesses in the region now look to us as their first choice of contractor, and we’ve worked on many projects such as the Warm Springs Lodge, River Run Lodge, Sun Valley Clubhouse, Northwood Workforce Housing, Woodside Elementary School, Carey and Hailey Geothermal, the Blaine County Courthouse Annex, Elkhorn Springs Condominiums, and numerous others. But we also remain dedicated to our residential customers and their comfort.

A Commitment to Quality and High Standards

We are never truly satisfied until the customer is truly satisfied: that’s the backbone of our work ethic. And we don’t aim for simple satisfaction: we want to provide each customer with outstanding value that exceeds expectations. To those ends, we make use of cutting–edge technology and the most advanced in diagnostic tools, such as thermal imaging and video scoping. We’re here to serve you, and we are fully committed to setting the new standard of excellent in our fields: plumbing, heating, air conditioning. As we always like to say, no matter how many important jobs we’ve done in the past, our most important job is your job.

Serving the Magic and Wood River Valleys

We use every resource available to us so that our customers receive the best in savings and exceptional quality work. We always keep the customer’s budget forefront in our minds. For our new construction projects we use our own design–build methods to bring together the engineer, the architect, and the sub–contractors to collaboratively agree on the best methods to produce results while staying within budget. We’ve completed large jobs where we employed 70 plumbers at one time and brought the project in on schedule and under budget. But you can also depend on us for that small repair job that will only need one plumber and less than an hour. "Evans Plumbing at Your Door."

Evans Plumbing Inc
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Serving the Wood River, Magic & Treasure Valleys

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