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Solar Heating Services in Twin Falls, ID

The sun is, of course, a source of heat. It’s the main heat source for the planet, after all. Every time you walk out into the sunlight, you’ll feel the power of its radiant energy on your body. But when you’re inside your home, you don’t have to lose the heat of the sun: you can have a solar energy system convert sunlight into electricity that will power your heat pump. This is an excellent, energy-saving way to provide your house with warmth on a cold day.

Solar-powered heat pumps are more accessible and practical today than you probably realize. If you think that your property might benefit from solar heating, call on Evans Plumbing Inc. We’re experienced and skilled with handling solar-powered heating and air conditioning installations, as well as repair and maintenance services. We’ll provide the assistance you need to use the sun around the year to deliver comfort to your house in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas.

How a Solar Heating System Works

A solar heating system is a type of heat pump, which means that it can also work during warm weather to provide cooling. The heat pump itself isn’t much different from standard heat pumps that run off the electrical grid. It circulates refrigerant between indoor and outdoor components to move heat from one location to the other. When you require warmth for your home, you set the heat pump to heating mode, and it will draw thermal energy from the outside and release it inside.

The difference with a solar–powered heat pump is where the energy comes from. Rather than draw electricity from the grid, the heat pump draws it from solar panels on the roof. As light strikes the solar panels, it creates an electric current. A converter changes this direct current electricity into alternating current electricity that the heat pump can use.

Should You Install a Solar Heating System in the Twin Falls Area?

This is the most common question that people have, since it’s difficult to believe a solar heater would work well during overcast days and snowy conditions in the winter. But a solar energy system doesn’t need to rely on direct sunlight all the time to work. Any light that reaches the panels will excite the electrical current in them. And snow can actually help, since it reflects a large amount of light. A solar heat pump also has a battery that stores up extra electrical charge, so when the efficiency of the panels drops, the heat pump will still have access to power.

We Repair and Maintain Solar Heating Systems

Thankfully, solar heat pumps don’t need a burdensome amount of maintenance work. The heat pump components require bi–annual visits before summer and winter, while the panels will rarely need service (rain and snow take care of most of the cleaning). Repairs might be necessary on occasion, but we have staff on–call 24 hours a day to answer any emergency fixes you might need.

We’d like to explain to your more about the wonderful benefits of going with solar energy to cool and heat your building. Call Evans Plumbing Inc today and let us get you started with great solar heating in Twin Falls, ID or the surrounding areas.

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