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Three Ways to Protect Your Home for Colder Weather

Ready or not, winter is almost here. And once temperatures plunger and we have 5 feet of snow around our homes, it gets a lot more difficult for us to get the services we need to keep our homes safe and comfortable. Start planning early, and consider the following steps to get your home ready for winter so that you don’t have to worry about issues when it’s freezing outside.

#1: Schedule Early Heating Service

One of the most important safety steps to take this fall is to schedule an annual furnace or boiler inspection and tune-up. An inspection helps to keep your heating system safe. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide leaks kill hundreds of people each year, and a heating system that’s poorly maintained could potentially leak CO.

Get an inspection so that you can learn about problems within your heater and make any necessary repairs in a timely manner. In addition, a tune-up may help to improve efficiency and prevent repairs from being necessary in the first place.

#2: Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

You should be replacing your smoke detector’s batteries every 6 months. This is so important, as you want to ensure your smoke detector can work—especially during the winter when fireplaces and heating equipment are in use. We recommend changing batteries during fall and spring home maintenance projects. Be sure to test the alarm every month by holding down the button. And replace smoke detectors every ten years.

#3: Consider a Snowmelt System

If it’s within your budget, a snowmelt system is certainly worth the price. After we install snowmelt systems, customers tell us they’re not sure how they ever got through the winter without one! Prevent snow and ice accumulation on your driveway and walkways, and help protect your family and your guests, as well as safeguarding the home from potential damage.

Evans Plumbing Inc provides heating maintenance services in Ketchum, ID. We also install snowmelt systems! Call to learn more about our expert fall maintenance services and all of our offers.

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