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Septic Tanks & Service in Twin Falls, ID

Not all homes have the advantage of proximity to a municipal sewer line that will remove wastewater and solid waste from their home and take it to a treatment plant. In the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley, there are many homes far removed from access to sewer lines, and they must instead use a septic tank to handle the removal and treatment of waste. Septic tanks have special plumbing requirements, and not all plumbing contractors are skilled or equipped to handle them. We, however, are!

Evans Plumbing Inc will help you with a large number of septic tanks services, such as installation, replacement, repairs, and regular maintenance. (We do not offer septic tank pumping at this time, however.) You can trust to our more than 40 years of history helping homes in Twins Falls, ID and throughout Southern Idaho with their plumbing. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

The Operation of a Septic Tank

The job of a septic tank is to take the collected wastewater from a home, which comes to the tank through the sewer line, and separate out solid and bacterial waste from the water. The sludge sinks to the bottom of the tank, while the lighter–than–water waste, such as oils and grease, rises to the top as the scum layer. This leaves a nutrient–rich gray water in the middle—the clarified liquid—which exits the tank and goes into the ground through a drain field. When the septic tank is doing its job properly and without malfunctions, it allows for the easy and safe disposal of waste.

Septic Tank Repair Services

The key part of the last sentence above was "doing its job properly." A septic tank can develop blockages that will result in problems such as bacterially contaminated water entering the drain field and sewage that backs up into the house, creating terrible odors and unsanitary conditions. At the first sign that you are dealing with a septic tank that isn’t draining correctly (such as numerous clogs in drains around the home) you need to call our professional team immediately. You can’t try these repairs yourself—believe us, you don’t want to! Leave the work to us and we’ll have your septic tank system restored quickly.

We Offer Septic Tank Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area

Evans Plumbing Inc is the contractor to turn to when you are looking to have a new septic tank put in, such as for a new property. We are an experienced plumbing company when it comes to new construction plumbing, and that includes installing septic tanks for properties that do not have access to a municipal sewer pipe. If you have an old septic tank that can’t do the job anymore or has started to leak extensively, then it’s probably time to have it replaced. We’re glad to handle this project as well.

The next time you have any type of septic tank or sewer line work that needs to be done, you can depend every time on our experience. We are never satisfied with the work we do until our customers are satisfied. Call us for septic tank services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas.

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