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Automatic Shut–Off Valves & Service in Twin Falls, ID

Do you go on vacation and spend a large amount of time spoiling the fun you should be having because you’re worrying over the condition of the home you left behind? That’s understandable, since there are a wide number of things that might go wrong in a house during your absence. One problem that concerns people is accidental house flooding due to a plumbing break or other plumbing accident. Water damage is difficult and expensive to mitigate, and the flooding can also destroy irreplaceable valuables.

You can take precautions against this sort of home disaster. A special automatic shut-off valve installed into the plumbing system will prevent flooding without you having to do anything. A professional plumber can handle the work to put in this valve and monitor that it continues to do its job. Call Evans Plumbing Inc to arrange for this service in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. With our assistance, you’ll have extra peace of mind every time you leave your property.

How an Automatic Shut–Off Valve Works

An automatic shut–off valve (also called an emergency shut–off valve) is designed to sense when water is escaping into a home. The valve is placed on the main water line, and when it detects the escape of water, the valve turns and closes off the flow of water until the problem is fixed. There are a number of ways that the system can sense flooding. Some use sensors on the floor that pick up the presence of water. But the standard method of detection involves measuring water pressure in the pipes. If there is a sudden drop in the water pressure, it usually means water is rapidly escaping. This triggers the shut–off valve to close.

Why You Should Have an Emergency Shut–Off Valve Installed in Your Home

The Twin Falls, ID area contains many homes that are only inhabited for a small part of the year during the peak vacation season. These houses need all the extra protection they can get during the periods when they’re uninhabited. If you own a resort house, you definitely need to have an automatic shut–off valve installed for it. Pipe bursting in winter is a common danger that will lead to flooding, and an emergency shut–off valve is invaluable in such cases.

But even if you live in your house most of the year, a shut–off valve offers peace of mind during the periods when you’re on vacation, or even just at your job. Having one of these valves is a small investment in protecting your property from serious damage that can lead to months of remediation work.

Complete Automatic Shut–Off Valve Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area

Getting protection for your plumbing with an automatic shut–off valve is simple. Just pick up the phone and call Evans Plumbing Inc. We are a full–service plumbing contractor with more than four decades of history in the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley. We’ve worked on homes both large and small, and we’re familiar with how to provide the best protection for houses that are often empty for long parts of the year. You can also put your trust in us when it comes to repairs and maintenance for your automatic shut–off valve and the rest of your plumbing. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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