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Backflow Prevention Products & Services in Twin Falls, ID

The plumbing in a building consists of two different sides: the fresh water side and the waste water side. Under certain conditions, it’s possible for the sewer side, with the pollutants and bacteria, to enter the fresh water side and contaminate its potable water. There are safeguards in place to prevent this, the most important of which is the backflow prevention device. Your property almost certainly has a backflow prevention device in place (it’s a legal requirement), but it needs regular testing from certified professionals and at times may require repairs or a full replacement in order to safeguard both your water supply and the supply of the surrounding areas.

To arrange for any of these backflow preventer services, look to Evans Plumbing Inc. We started in the plumbing business in 1975, and we’ve worked with homes and numerous businesses in Twin Falls, ID and the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley over four decades. We have the professionals who can test, repair, and replace the vital backflow prevention device for your property.

The Job of the Backflow Preventer

A backflow prevention device works on a simple principle: it allows water to flow through it only in one direction. If the flow goes the opposite direction, the valve shuts to the stop possible cross–contamination between fresh water and waste water. This shift in the direction of the water flow, where waste water moves back up the pipes toward the potable water side, is called backflow.

Backflow can occur for a number of reasons, but the most common is that the freshwater side has lost water pressure, and the pressure drop draws the waste water through the cross connector. Water pressure drops occur because of massive drain on the fresh water supply from sprinkler systems, municipal plumbing accidents, or the fire department using water to put out a fire. Pressure can also build up on the waste water side, pushing the contaminated sewer water through the cross connector unless the backflow prevention device stops it.

Backflow Prevention Testing

Backflow doesn’t simply threaten a single home or business: it can contaminate the potable water supply for many properties if it occurs. Because of this danger, backflow prevention assemblies have regulatory requirements and must have routine testing from licensed professionals. When you’re required to have backflow prevention test, you can contact our licensed plumbers to take care of the task. If your backflow preventer fails the test, we’ll help you with the necessary repair or replacement work that will fix the problem.

We’ll Take Care of Your Plumbing System in the Greater Twin Falls Area

Most of the time, you won’t need to worry about backflow in your plumbing creating health hazards. The backflow preventer is already on the job. But if there does come a time when you require fast professional plumbing service for your backflow prevention device, pick up the phone and call Evans Plumbing Inc. We’re familiar with working on backflow prevention for properties of all sizes, so no matter what type of property you own in Twin Falls or other parts of the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley, you can count on our experts getting the job done right. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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