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Zone Control System Services in Twin Falls, ID

Central air conditioning and heating is one of the best inventions (after indoor plumbing, of course!) to come along for homes. Through a single system, you can send cooled or heated air to every room in your house at the same time. But there’s one catch to this, which is that “every room” part. What if some of those rooms are empty, or they don’t need the same comfort level as other rooms, or people in different rooms want different temperatures? There isn’t anything you can do about it, since central heating and cooling is an “all-or-nothing” proposition. Or is it?

The answer is: it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to the installation of a zone control system, you can manipulate heating and cooling in your home so that only the parts that need it receive conditioned air. People can even adjust the temperature wherever they are without affecting the other rooms. If this sounds like a great solution for some of your household comfort issues, call Evans Plumbing Inc. We offer installation and other services for zone control systems in Twin Falls, ID and throughout Southern Idaho.

The Basics of Zone Heating and Air Conditioning

A zone control system uses dampers set within the ducts to control the flow of air and air pressure throughout the ventilation system. You choose how many different "zones" you want your home divided into (it can be as many as there are rooms) and installers will place the right number of dampers into the ductwork. The dampers connect to local thermostats—allowing for climate control from within the zone—and those thermostats in turn connect into a central control panel that manipulates all the zones and the heating and cooling system.

How Zone Air Conditioning and Heating Can Benefit You

Some of the advantages of a zone control system will be immediately obvious. For starters, you will save money on your energy bills because you’ll no longer have to heat or cool the entire house when the comfort system comes on. This will make a significant difference for large homes, or homes that have guest rooms and other rooms that are infrequently occupied.

There are some other advantages you may not have thought of, however: zone controls can help stop squabbles between household members over how to adjust the thermostat. Instead, everyone can set the temperature in their zone to match their comfort needs. And this can be used to match rooms with the ideal temperatures for their purpose. For example, you can keep a kitchen cooler than the rest of the house.

Call on Professionals to Install Zone Controls for Your Home in the Greater Twin Falls Area

It’s easiest to have zone controls put in as part of a full HVAC system installation. However, professionals can also make the installation a retro–fit for an existing system. Either way, you must have HVAC technicians with training and experience take on this job. It’s definitely not something to try to do yourself.

Evans Plumbing Inc is glad to help you with zone control, from advising you on how best to zone your house all the way to providing repairs for a system that’s been working for years. Call us today to find out more. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

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