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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Twin Falls, ID

Plumbing leaks are a problem that you can never delay fixing. Once you know there’s a leak somewhere in your house, call professional plumbers to fix or replace the pipe. Even a small amount of water escaping a pipe will quickly become a major problem if left unattended. One type of pipe leak that is particularly damaging is a slab leak, which occurs under the foundation of your home. It takes plumbers with the right training and the best equipment to locate slab leaks and then fix them.

When you suspect that you have a slab leak in your home, call Evans Plumbing Inc. We’ll locate the slab leak and then find the fastest and most effective way to repair it. We have more than 40 years of experience tackling plumbing repairs of all kinds in Twin Falls, ID and throughout the Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley area. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

What a Slab Leak Is and How to Tell You Have One

The term slab leak is one that plumbers use for a pipe leak in either the hot or cold water lines that are underneath the concrete foundation of a building. Around 80% of slab leaks occur in the hot water lines. Slab leaks can account for a large loss of water and may also cause damage to a home’s foundation.

But since slab leaks are disguised under stone, how can you tell that your home has one? There are signs to look for:

  • Unusual behavior from the water heater: Since most slab leaks happen in the hot water pipes, the loss of hot water will cause the home’s water heater to start to turn on at strange times and run more often than it should.
  • Higher water bills: Keep a close watch on your water bills, because a sudden rise that you can’t account for usually means a hidden leak somewhere.
  • Sound of water running: When you hear water running while down in your basement, but you can’t find the source, it might come from a slab leak.
  • Basement floor cracks: Pressure from a slab leak can manifest as cracks appearing along the floor of the basement.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair in the Twin Falls Area

When you notice any of these warning signs, call our plumbers right away. The first thing we’ll do when we come to your home is slab leak detection. This will tell us the precise location of the leak and how we can best access it. We use advanced tools such as listening disks and thermal scanners to find the leak beneath the concrete. How we repair the leak varies. In some cases, we can use a bypass pipe that won’t require any excavation work. At other times, it will take a jackhammer to dig down to the damaged pipe.

Call Our Plumbers for Slab Leak Repair and Detection Services

Slab leaks must be taken seriously and repaired at earliest possible opportunity. Evans Plumbing Inc is the local plumbing contractor to call if you live in Twin Falls, ID or elsewhere in Southern Idaho. We have a team of trained plumbers with the finest equipment for slab leak detection and repairs. Whenever you have reason to believe there’s a hidden leak in your home, you can trust that we’ll take care of it. We won’t be satisfied with the job we do until you are.

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