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A Few Signs Your Heating System is In Trouble

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.Unfortunately, your heater can’t gain sentience and tell you that it’s experiencing troubling symptoms that could potentially lead to a breakdown, so sometimes you have to look for the signs. Signs that your heating system is in trouble aren’t always blaring problems that interrupt the daily flow of your home either. We see a lot of circumstances where a heating problem has greatly advanced or even escalated to a breakdown because homeowners didn’t realize the problems they experienced were a symptom of heater malfunction. If you need heater repair in Burley, ID then make sure to contact our team here at Evans Plumbing Inc.

You Can’t Get Warm

One of the most obvious signs that you’re having heating trouble in your home is the inability to get warm. These cold temperatures here in Idaho need a great heating system to match—the worst feeling is coming home to a cold house and struggling to get warm. Don’t stay bundled up indoors too. Call a professional technician from our team if you’re often having trouble getting comfortable this winter.

Your Heating Bills are Creeping Up

Noticed that your heating bill seems a little high? While your heating bill might raise during this point in winter because of frequent usage, you should never have exorbitant prices when it comes to your heating bill. If you are paying a super high heating bill it’s because of inefficiency in your heating system. You can make sure that your heating system is always fine-tuned by scheduling annual maintenance services.

Short-Cycling or Long Run Times

Does your heater start and stop very often? The process of your heater switching on, running for a short amount of time, and turning off just to turn on again is called “short cycling.” This is typically caused by a dirty or run-down heating system. If your heater seems to run forever it’s more than likely because it’s past its prime or was incorrectly sized from the start. It’s important to have a professional service your system to either rectify problems that cause short cycling or to size the system correctly from the start.

Concerning Noises

Have you noticed that your heating system makes odd noises? Common troubling furnace noises include screeching, banging, the ever so common rattling, or grating. Depending on what the noise is, you could have a problem ranging from a loose part to a malfunctioning blower. You need the expert eye of a professional to determine why the problem occurred and how to fix it.

If the noise you’re hearing wasn’t listed above and you’re not sure if it’s “concerning,” a good rule of thumb is that anything other than the soft, unobtrusive sound of air rushing through your vents is a “concerning” noise.

Old Age

Is your heater over the age of 15? Then this is a problem in its own right. Heaters are only built to last you so long. They can’t last you an eternity but when they’re older in age they’re going to have problems. A higher age means you’re more susceptible to heating trouble—stay vigilant.

If you need heater repair in Burley, contact our team here at Evans Plumbing.

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