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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

plumbing-problemThis has been one of the coldest winters in recent history here in Idaho. You’ve probably been completely consumed with staying warm during this truly frigid and anomalous weather here in the Midwest that you haven’t given much thought to your plumbing. Take a moment to think about it now. Is your plumbing system prepared for these temperatures? It’s so easy for your pipes to freeze in cold weather and frozen pipes lead to burst pipes. If you need great plumbing in Burley, ID then make sure that you contact our team at Evans Plumbing Inc. We’ll be there when you need us—we even provide 24/7 emergency service for any unexpected problems that might arise.

Bypassing from Pipes this Winter

Don’t let your pipes become victim to our cold weather this winter. Follow these simple tips and tricks to keep your plumbing system in great shape.

Keep Your Garage Doors Closed: It’s important to keep everything tightly sealed in cold winter weather. So make sure that you close your garage door during winter and keep it closed as much as possible to keep your water supply lines in your garage flowing. Leaving this door cracked is an easy way to end up with a pipe freeze.

Plan Ahead for Vacations: The cold weather during winter makes a lot of people head to locations with much warmer weather. If you’re heading to greener pastures this winter, make sure that you plan ahead so that your home stays thawed out while you’re on vacation. Keep your home heated above 50°F even while it’s empty when you’re on vacation—this greatly decreases the chance of any of your pipes freezing.

Let Water Run: If you have certain pipes in your home that are highly susceptible to freezing. The best way to prevent these pipes from freezing up is to let just a little water trickle out. This process allows the faucet to remain open and it relieves pressure that could potentially lead to a pipe burst.

Keep Your Heat On: Make sure you keep your heat on! We know that you might want to turn your heat off during points of the day when you leave your home but it’s important to maintain a constant temperature to keep your pipes flowing.

Open Your Kitchen and Bathroom Doors: Those doors underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks really get cold when they’re closed during winter. Open them up to make sure they receive the right amount of circulation when it matters. This is a simple step that makes a huge difference in your plumbing system.

Run into a Problem?

You know all these helpful tips to keep your plumbing flowing now but you didn’t know it then. We’ll handle any problems in a fashion that won’t negatively affect the rest of your plumbing and we’ll do it in a quick and efficient matter. This isn’t the time to scour the internet for online tutorial videos and how-to articles—the temperatures are freezing. You’re working against the clock.

If you run into trouble with your piping and you need great plumbing services this winter, make sure that you contact Evans Plumbing Inc.

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