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When to Call for Furnace Repair

gas-burnersUnsure if the problems that you’re experiencing constitute the needs for full on repairs? We understand this problem. Sometimes you don’t know if the low airflow you’re experiencing is going to be a persistent problem or just a passing peculiarity. Sometimes you might think it’s something you’ve done that can be easily rectified. If you’re unsure if you need furnace repair then we’re here to guide you in the right direction. If you need furnace repair in Ketchum, ID then we’re the team to call. Make sure that you trust one of our conscientious technicians with your furnace system—we’ll keep you warm this winter.

Signs You Need to Call Us

Here’s a few telltale signs that your furnace has seen better days.

Your Furnace is Over the Age of 15

How old is your furnace? If it’s in between the ages of 15 and 20 then it’s in its golden years and (regardless of any problems you’re experiencing or not experiencing) you need to consider upgrading your furnace. Furnaces are only meant to last for about two decades. Trying to push your system past its limits will always result in a breakdown or inefficient and costly operation so call us when you’re having trouble.

Your Heating Bill is Too High

Has your heating bill been a little too high this winter? This is the result of heater inefficiency. If you haven’t had your heater maintained or repaired in the past few years then you’re doing yourself a disservice. A high heating bill is a sign that you need repair services, so make sure that you call us at your earliest possible convenience.

Your Thermostat Seems Off

Does your thermostat seem inaccurate? If you feel like you’re setting your thermostat to high temperatures but you’re still having trouble keeping your home warm, then it’s a sign that your furnace is struggling to distribute air. Make sure that you call for repairs if you’re having this issue.

Your House is Dusty

Notice an excessive amount of dust in your home? You might just think that this is an unfortunate side effect of the weather change, that you’re not cleaning enough, or that you just have some bad luck. If you dust all the time but there always seems like there’s more to dust, then your furnace is struggling. A dirty furnace means that there is dry and stale air in your home that contributes to poor indoor air quality.

You Smell Something Strange

Notice some unpleasant scents around your home but can’t pinpoint their source? You might have trouble with your furnace. Many furnaces emit unpleasant odors from their heating registers when they have problems with their system. Don’t ignore odd scents around your home, if you notice that this scent is coming from your vents then call our team.

If you need reliable heating services here in Ketchum then we’re here to provide them for you. Here at Evans Plumbing, Inc. we provide the best furnace repair services at the best prices—contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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