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How Professional Drain Cleaning Does the Job Better

drain-auger-tub-plumberWhen you have a drain clog, it’s easy to look for a quick fix and hope for the best. And sometimes, your quick fix works. But will it stand the test of time?

There are times when a bit of DIY work around the house can quickly solve a problem. There are other times when it is better to leave the job to a professional. Drain clogs can fall into either category. Sometimes, do-it-yourself drain cleaning works. Other times, you need professional tools to solve the problem at its core. Here’s how professional drain cleaning can do the job better.

Chemicals damage pipes

First, you should know that chemical drain cleaners are strongly discouraged by most plumbers. We’re not opposed to do-it-yourself drain cleaners. In fact, we often recommend trying a combination of 1 part baking soda followed up by 1 part vinegar when you want to clear small clogs or clear out odors.

Chemicals that clean drains are only formulated to dissolve certain types of clogs, not others. That can ultimately push clogs further along in the drains. Worse yet, they damage the lining of pipes and lead to their early demise. That’s not to mention that they are toxic to animals and dangerous around small children.

Plungers don’t always work

We usually recommend trying a plunger when a single drain is clogged. Remember, you may have to use some force, get a really good seal, and keep trying a few dozen times. But this won’t always work.

The source of a clog may be as such that it becomes firmly lodged in the drain, and further from the drain opener than a plunger can handle. At this point, professionals will know exactly which tools to use.

Professional drain snakes are tough

You can find a drain auger in the local hardware store. But even a lengthy snake may not be enough to solve the issue. It might not be strong enough to push through the toughest of clogs, like a large buildup of hair and grease.

Professional augers are often motorized. This means they can push through clogs with greater force. Many augers even have rotating heads that can cut through tree roots, which is important if the clog is a bigger problem than you initially thought.

The problem might be bigger than you think

Before you even attempt to unclog a drain on your own, it’s important to test the rest of the drains in your home. If multiple drains in the home are clogging, no chemical, plunger, or standard drain auger will do the trick.

In this case, a plumber will need to access your sewer connection and use an advanced motorized drain auger. They may have to use a video camera to determine the root of the problem in order to determine the right solution.

Often, hydro jetting is employed to blast sludge out of the sewer lines. This keeps the drain and sewer lines clean for longer. All in all, your sewer line may be less likely to clog up in the future.

For quality drain cleaning in Jerome, ID from professionals with the right tools for the job, call the experts at Evans Plumbing Inc.

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