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Is a Gas Furnace the Right Heater for My Home?

natural-gas-furnace-flameYou probably know someone with a gas furnace. In fact, most homeowners you know are likely to have one if they have central heating. It’s the most common system there is! However, that doesn’t make it the right system for everyone. Sure, it has its advantages. But there are other systems that may be right for your needs!

We’re here to help you decide. When it all comes down to it, you have to make the right choice for your home and, of course, your budget. Contact our team to help you get the right heating system for your needs this year.

The Benefits of Gas Furnaces

There are many good reasons gas furnaces have remained so popular in households throughout the United States for so long.

  • A furnace is a convenient choice for any home with a ventilation system already in place.
  • It tends to cost less than a boiler, especially if you haven’t had radiant heating installed in your home in the past.
  • The gas furnace works well with your central air conditioning, sharing its blower fan.
  • Natural gas is readily available for most homes, so you don’t have to buy heating oil every winter and continuously restock.
  • Natural gas costs less to use than electricity—much less in most parts of the country. That makes a gas furnace a less costly choice than even the most efficient electric furnace.
  • Available in a range of efficiency ratings, your gas furnace can help you save more and protect natural resources year after year.
  • Today’s gas furnaces come equipped with a number of safety switches, so you don’t have to worry about fire safety (especially if you have the equipment routinely maintained).

Could a Boiler Be a Better Choice?

We mentioned above that a boiler tends to cost more than a natural gas furnace—at least upfront. But that’s only because you must install the piping, pumps, and under-floor components as well. If you’re looking into a new heater for a brand-new home, or doing renovations to your home anyway, a boiler may be an excellent choice.

  • Boilers typically last longer than furnaces.
  • Many people remark that radiant heat is more comfortable than forced-air heating, as the hot water radiates to warm people and objects in the room rather than just the
  • The efficiency of heating water to transfer heat surpasses the efficiency of forced-air heating.

It all depends on the setup of your home, your budget, and even whether or not you have access to natural gas in your home.

What If You Have No Natural Gas Access?

As you can see, natural gas is an excellent way to heat your home, but what if you have no access to it in your home? You may have more options than you think. First, there may be a way to get natural gas for all your heating appliances, as long as you have a gas meter from the city. A qualified plumber can extend your gas lines to give you more options.

Otherwise, we strongly recommend a heat pump over an electric furnace. A heat pump only needs to move heat, rather than generating heat, at a lower cost than running a furnace. Plus, it doubles as your air conditioner!

Considering a new furnace in Buhl, ID? Contact the friendly people at Evans Plumbing Inc to learn about all your options!

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