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3 Signs of Heating Failure to Watch Out for

cold-man-thermostatWhen your heating system breaks down on you, it’s a major inconvenience. In fact, in some cases, it’s dangerous, leaving you without any heat on a freezing night, and you have to pay for the hassle of bringing someone in for an emergency repair.

What if there was something that could have been done? Often, we neglect to notice or to take heed of warning signs that caution a heating system is on its way to failure. When this happens, we miss an opportunity to keep repair costs low and save ourselves some trouble. Watch out for these signs to be prepared!

#1: Any noticeable drop in temperature

If you notice any drop in temperature, it’s not something to take lightly. Many people assume that the temperature drop is the fault of the thermostat, something they feel comfortable waiting to reprogram, repair, or replace. But the issue rarely lies with the thermostat itself!

If your heating system has to run constantly to try to meet thermostat demands (as long as those demands are reasonable), then something is wrong within the furnace. This could have to do with a dirty air filter, which affects the furnace in more ways than you might guess. (It’s always the first thing you should check!)

Other potential causes are electrical failure, motor issues, dirty burners, or general wear and tear within the system. If you wait too long to fix any of these problems, you may end up with a broken down system when you need it most.

#2: Signs that the heater struggles to start up or stay on

Once again, if you notice these signs, you should check the air filter first and foremost. A dirty air filter stops air from flowing properly through the system, which means it will struggle to run and maintain temperatures at a safe level—something that could cause the system to shut down frequently.

Often, though, the issue comes from a malfunctioning safety switch or valve. The thermocouple may shut off the system prematurely if no flame is detected, or the limit switch may shut off the heater if it is in danger of overheating.

This problem could even indicate that your heater is not properly sized for your home, something that may lead to its early replacement. We would hate for this to happen to you, but it is something you want to know sooner rather than later so that qualified technicians can make a viable replacement.

#3: Noises from the heater or the vents

When you hear noises from the heater, you probably don’t have to worry too much about your safety. Today’s systems have multiple safety features that allow a system to shut down if something goes wrong, but be sure to get your system checked out once a year to be sure.

However, noises from the heater can mean it is soon to break down. The noises may indicate excessive scaling in a boiler tank, dirt on a burner, or any number of things you should have checked out ASAP. Better now than after it’s broken down completely!

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