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The Earlier the Better: It’s Not Too Late for Heating Service

If you haven’t already scheduled fall maintenance for your heating system, it’s not too late. We strongly recommend that you do this ASAP, and the earlier you get it done, the better.

The most important thing is that you don’t skip this service altogether. If you have not already had a trained heating and air conditioning technician check out your heating system and give it a complete tune-up, now is the time.

Why You Should Have a Heating Tune-Up No Matter What

Many people think that heating maintenance, or a heating tune-up, is only necessary for older heaters or systems that already have a lot of problems. But anyone who knows about heating technology would disagree.

There are several reasons that your heating system should be fine-tuned and inspected, no matter how old the unit is:

  • Efficiency: After a tune-up of your heating system—when technicians make adjustments of key components in your heater—things run more smoothly. That means better efficiency, which means a lower cost of operation.
  • Lifespan: Heating systems that get regular tune-ups—from the beginning of their lifespans—tend to last for longer.
  • Performance: Your heater may work better after certain parts are cleaned and adjusted. In fact, it’s a lot less likely to need repairs.
  • Safety: With a thorough inspection of your heater, you can feel a lot safer using a gas heater that produces carbon monoxide throughout the winter.
  • Warranty: Sometimes, a heater’s warranty is void if it breaks and you haven’t gotten maintenance every year.

How to Schedule Your Appointment

You should never attempt a DIY heating system tune-up. It takes a lot of training to understand the ins and outs of a heating system, and that’s something that shouldn’t be left up to chance. Hire a heating technician to ensure the job is done right—someone with experience and training, not just a general handyman.

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