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How Pro Drain Cleaning Makes Plumbing Run Smoothly for Longer

drain-sink-waterA drain clog may not seem like too big of a deal for you—as far as household plumbing troubles go. After all, it’s not like having a burst pipe or a flooded basement. It’s usually not an emergency (unless sewage backs up into your home). That’s why so many people look for DIY solutions when they encounter issues with their home’s drain and sewer system.

However, many of these at-home cleaners and tools simply don’t work for certain types of clogs. And when they do work, the solution may only be temporary. On the other hand, professional drain cleaning can clear out clogs and prevent clogs from coming back for months or even years. How is this done? And why is this the better option than do-it-yourself drain cleaning?

Why DIY Drain Cleaning Doesn’t Always Work

First, let’s talk about those chemical drain cleaners you find on store shelves. These are highly toxic! As a reminder, keep these off your own shelves at home if you have small children or pets. That same toxicity can wear down the drainpipes and lead to replacement sooner than it should.

Finally, they don’t always work. Usually, these chemicals are only guaranteed to dissolve one type of blockage (often hair). The rest might just get pushed further down the drains, and the pipes are no cleaner from where they started.

Drain Snakes Remove a Clog…

…But they cannot prevent clogs from coming back. A drain snake is an effective tool for latching onto large blockage and pulling it back out through the drains. There are some at-home drain snakes that may do the trick if the blockage is near the drain opening, and we certainly recommend this over chemical drain cleaners.

For blockage you cannot get on your own or drain clogs that are further along in the pipe lines, pros can use hand augers or motorized drain snakes to break up a clog or pull it back out. But in severe cases it doesn’t really keep the drains clean, so hydro jetting is used instead. And even when the blockage isn’t so serious, professional hydro jetting could be the service you need to keep the drains clear for longer (so you won’t have to call again).

How Hydro Jetting Truly Cleans Drains

Hydro jetting is a different kind of clean. It can take care of a clog and a whole lot more.

Right now, your drainpipes are likely lined with a greasy residue built up over years and years of use. Fats, oils, and grease cling to the insides of your pipes, and additional sludge and debris become stuck. Those are the beginnings of most clogs, so controlling this buildup helps to prevent future clogs.

How does it work?

  • Plumbers inspect the pipes, typically using video pipe inspection, accessing the drain or sewer line through a cleanout.
  • A thin, high-pressure hydro jetting hose is inserted into the pipe.
  • Water jets out against the piping as it’s fed through the line, and your pipes are completely cleared of residue and debris.
  • Plumbers can inspect their work afterwards with a video camera cable as well.

Evans Plumbing Inc provides complete drain cleaning in Gooding, ID. Call us today!

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