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How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

ac-pile-money-condenserSaving money on air conditioning can be tough, especially in the middle of summer when the heat and humidity leaves you wishing you could hang out in front of cold AC vents all day. You do try not to leave the air conditioner on for too long, but saving money shouldn’t mean having to shut off the AC system altogether.

Thankfully, you don’t have to work up a sweat while relaxing in your home in summer just to save on air conditioning. We’ve got some expert tips to help you stay cool without draining your savings.

Don’t Set the Temperature So Low

This one is perhaps easier said than done. When it’s been a long hot day and you’re walking into your home for the first time in hours, all you want to do is set the temperature as low as it can go. But we’ve got some news for you: this won’t cool down your home any faster.

Setting the temperature lower than you need will only make the house colder than you need it to be, costing you more. And most people, aside from those with illnesses, infants, or the elderly, are comfortable with temperatures of about 78°F. It’s best to schedule the programmable thermostat to return the temperature to this setting (or the highest you are comfortable with) about 30 minutes before you plan to arrive home.

Schedule Service When You Need It

Neglecting to service your air conditioner when it shows signs of problems could cause the equipment to have to work harder, ultimately costing you more to run the system. Reduce unnecessary wear and tear by calling a technician as soon as you notice a problem.

Don’t Add Extra Heat

Whatever you do, don’t add extra heat to the house when you can avoid it.

  • Do not run the oven or any other heat-producing appliance (like the clothes dryer) during the daytime.
  • Close the windows and doors as you’re using the air conditioner. (By all means, though, if it is cool enough to open a couple of windows instead of running the AC, go for it.)
  • Close the blinds to keep out sunlight in the daytime.
  • Don’t shut off the air conditioner completely when you leave. If the house is too hot, it will take longer to cool down, wearing down your air conditioner and using even more unnecessary energy.

Go Somewhere Else

This is perhaps the simplest piece of advice we can give. Why not get out of the house for a bit and use someone else’s air conditioning? Run your errands at the hottest time of day, or consider visiting a public pool with the kids!

And don’t forget to turn the temperature up by about 10° before you do! The easiest way to do this is with a programmable thermostat you can set ahead of time. You can also use a smart thermostat to change the settings while you are away, right from your phone or tablet!

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