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Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?

Simple repairs to the flush valve can often help to resolve issues like a running toilet. Occasionally, toilet repairs are a bit more complex, like when a leak in the water shutoff valve forces you to replace it. But sometimes, replacing your toilet is the best bet.

There doesn’t have to be something wrong with your toilet before replacement becomes your best option. You may find that you need to replace your toilet for the following reasons.

To Save Water

Toilets that are more than a couple of decades old likely waste quite a bit more water than they need to use. Toilets from the 1980s and before then used about 3.5 gallons of water to refill the bowl with every flush. Today, they only need about 1.6 gallons, and many models use even less for liquid waste. They are not any less powerful, though, relying on pressure rather than volume to carry out the job.

For Family Members with Special Needs

A new toilet can make a major difference for someone who is elderly, suffers from back pain, or has a disability. Replacing your standard toilet with a comfort height toilet is one way to do that. Comfort height toilets are just a couple of inches taller but they make a world of difference for those with chronic pain.

For Leaks in the Toilet Bowl

Finally, a leak in the actual toilet bowl or tank means that the whole toilet is likely done for. Once this happens, no patch will help to keep the rest of the bowl from cracking and leaking as well. Chances are that this toilet is many decades old. A new toilet is likely to be more efficient any, and more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as well!

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