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Why Is Water Leaking from the Air Conditioner?

A lot of people schedule plumbing service when they noticed a leak, only to be surprised when they find out the air conditioner is at fault. No, your air conditioner doesn’t use water to run. But water can still leak from the system if everything is not working smoothly.

Why Is the Water in the Unit to Start With?

The water that’s leaking from your AC system actually comes from your air. Any humidity in the air, even a small amount, can condense on the very cold AC coil in the system. This moisture should, ideally, drain through a condensate pipe that leads it out of the house. First the water trickles into a tray, which is angled towards the pipe. Sometimes, a condensate pump helps to get everything out properly.

What Causes Water to Overflow?

But there are a few reasons water may actually overflow into your home. This usually has to do with the way the drainage system is set up, or it could be a result of improper AC maintenance.

  • The tray is not angled properly. Improper tray set up won’t help water to go to the right place. Or, it’s possible the tray has moved or developed a crack.
  • The drainpipe is clogged. This can force water to overflow back into your home, potentially causing quite a bit of damage.
  • You need a condensate pump. This is uncommon in our area, but it’s a possibility for some systems that have trouble draining.

Call technicians in the moment you notice water is leaking. Check for mold development, and do your best to completely dry out any affected areas. And make sure to schedule maintenance once a year. During the maintenance visit, technicians should check your drain and clean it out if necessary.

Call Evans Plumbing Inc to schedule AC services in Twin Falls, ID. We’re here to help!

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