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HVAC & Plumbing Services in Shoshone, ID

Do you live in Shoshone, ID and are looking to a have a brand new air conditioning system installed in your home to combat the summer weather? Do you own and operate a business and need new plumbing installation for an expansion? These are only two among the many jobs that we handle at Evans Plumbing Inc. We’re a full–service residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC contractor with more than 40 years of history serving Southern Idaho. Our staff of plumbers and technicians is available 24 hours a day to handle emergency jobs, and you can schedule them for work of any size, from small repairs to full system replacements. Evans Plumbing at Your Door.

Looking for Great Air Conditioning for Your Home?

Then you’ve come to right company! Evans Plumbing Inc knows all the best and most energy–efficient ways to deliver cool temperatures throughout a house. We even install energy efficient air conditioning systems. If your current air conditioner is struggling with the heat, or it won’t work at all, our AC repair experts can be out to you fast to have it fixed. No matter if you need repairs, maintenance, or air conditioning installation, you can trust us to do the job right in Shoshone, ID.

Quality Heating Installation & Repair Services from Our Skilled Team

The heating installation for a home in Shoshone, ID is one of the most important of all installations. You’d experience pretty miserable winters without one! Let us make certain that you have the finest installation possible. We offer many types of heaters, including furnaces, boilers, and in–floor heating systems. Our heating maintenance and other jobs, such as furnace repair, will help see that your household always receives the level of comfort it needs during cold weather. Contact us today to arrange for service.

Professional Plumbing Services from a Top Shoshone Contractor

Evans Plumbing Inc started out in business in 1975 as a plumbing company. We’re still as committed as ever to great plumbing service throughout Southern Idaho. If you need a plumber to help you with an emergency plumbing repair, or if you’d like to schedule regular drain cleaning, you won’t go wrong when you call our number. Our team of trained plumbers can handle jobs of any size, from a simple pipe leak repair to new construction plumbing–and everything in between.

What Type of Water Heater Will Work for Your House?

Water heaters aren’t optional items for homes. How else could you keep clean, do the dishes, wash clothes, and prepare food? If you’re looking for a new water heater installation to best serve your household, contact our team and find out more about your options, such as tankless, solar, and heat pump water heaters. Of course, we’ll also take care of seeing that your water heater keeps working year after year with our water heater repair and regular maintenance services.

We Provide Commercial HVAC & Plumbing Services As Well

Business and commercial property owners in Shoshone, ID can also look to us when it comes to handling their plumbing and HVAC needs. We have managed many large–scale commercial plumbing projects and many smaller ones as well, so whatever it is that your company needs, you can trust it to us. Our commercial air conditioning and commercial heating technicians are committed to providing your building with the comfort everyone in it needs. When you call on Evans Plumbing Inc, you’re calling on quality.

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