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What to Do When Your Toilet Clogs

plunger-woman-toilet-phoneThis isn’t exactly a topic everyone enjoys talking about. That’s why, when your toilet clogs, you might still feel in the dark about what to do. In fact, some people think they know the right way to unclog a toilet, only to find their method makes matters worse if the clog is not dislodged fast enough.

We’ve got some good advice for you today on how to make sure you’re doing things the right way the first time around. If you’re wondering about any part of the process, from choosing the right plunger to assessing whether your toilet needs replacement, check out our guide or give us a call!

Sure You’ve Got a Clog?

If you think you might have a clog, don’t flush! We know this is an easy way to test the toilet, but it could also lead to overflow, which is something you certainly want to avoid. Instead, open up the back of the tank and pull up on the flapper valve slightly.

Make a Plunger Your First Choice

The first thing you reach for should be your plunger. Drain chemicals are not safe for your toilet (or any of the drain pipes in your home, really). But make sure you have the right plunger!

  1. Choose a plunger. While a plain cupped plunger may work alright, a toilet plunger has a flange attached to the bottom, and this makes all the difference. This allows it to really hold suction, even with the unique curvature of the drain opening.
  2. Make a gentle push. At first, the plunger is filled with air, so going all in a heavy plunge could splash the mess right back at you…yuck!
  3. Take the plunge. Now, it’s time to start moving the plunger vigorously up and down, something you might have to repeat more than you expect. Make sure your putting just as much effort into pulling up as in pushing down.
  4. Don’t lose water. There should be enough in the bowl to cover the plunger completely.

When to Use a Drain Snake

If a plunger really won’t do the job after plunging 20 or so times, it may be time to bring in a drain snake. Any drain snake may be able to do the job if it’s long enough, but you may have trouble twisting it in the S-shaped trap of a toilet. If you’re looking for something designed specifically to reach a clog in the intricate bends of a toilet trap, look for a closet auger, which should still be able to spin around within the trap.

When to Use a Plumber

We do not recommend using drain cleaning chemicals in your toilet. Not only is this unsafe, but it can also cause problems to worsen or move along further in the drains. If the source of the clog is a child’s toy or another large item, drain cleaning chemicals will do nothing but put your drains at risk.

If the standard drain snake won’t do the trick, or if you don’t feel comfortable using one on your own, it’s time to call in a plumber. You might have to pull out the toilet, and this can go wrong quickly if you don’t have the right equipment. Or, you may need professional drain cleaning to target clogs deep within the drain lines.

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