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Here’s What You Should Do When You Need Emergency Plumbing Service

burst-frozen-pipeIf you decide you want to upgrade your faucet, improve your water pressure, or install a new water softener, you can set up an appointment with a plumber in advance. A quality plumbing contractor should have a time available within your schedule, so it’s often more convenient than scheduling same-day service anyway.

But when there’s an emergency within your pipes, drains, and fixtures, you need someone to show up fast. You may also need to take some action to prevent damage to your home and plumbing system, and we’re here to offer some advice. Call our team right away for emergency plumbing service in Jerome, ID.

Shut off the water!

If you have concerns about leaks in your pipes, it’s important to get the water shut off ASAP. If the leak is underneath the sink, there’s a valve located nearby that you can close off easily. However, you may not be sure where the leak is coming from. Signs of a leak include…

  • The sound of rushing water under the floors.
  • Warm spots on the floor.
  • A drop in your home’s water pressure.
  • Wet or dark spots on walls or ceilings.

In this case, you should shut off the water to the whole home before calling in a plumber. The main water shut-off valve is likely located near the meter.

Clean up the mess

When you have water all over your floors and walls, you need to get it cleaned up ASAP. You may be able to prevent mold growth or severe damages this way. Water damage restoration could cost you thousands, and you want to prevent as much of it as possible. Put down towels and buckets in case of additional leakage, and do some heavy-duty cleaning to save yourself some stress later on.

And, of course, you’ll want to clean up any mess that results from drainage backup or drainpipe leaks. However, if you worry about a health risk, you may need to call in a professional first.

Check for damage

While you wait for a plumber to fix the problem, you should assess the damage and research your insurance policy. It is possible that your insurance will not cover flooding or leaks they declare were preventable. However, it’s important to know what your insurance will pay for and whether they require you to seek out quotes and an expert opinion.

Call a plumber—the right one

You may have water covering your floors or bursting from a pipe in your yard, but don’t expect every plumber to react the way you need. Some plumbers work only normal business hours despite the fact that a plumbing emergency can come up any time—day or night. Only select plumbers offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services. Be sure you contact one who does, and don’t call a general handyman with limited knowledge in the field of plumbing. A qualified plumber can solve the problem faster.

In addition, you should see that your plumber carries the latest equipment for drain cleaning and pipe inspections, fixture replacement, and more.

Evans Plumbing Inc offers emergency 24-hour plumbing services in Jerome, ID. Call us today!

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