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How to Detect a Slab Leak Early

A slab leak is a troubling issue, because it’s so tough to get to. You need to get through the concrete slab foundation of your home to get to the affected pipe, and that often requires heavy duty tools and a lot of your plumbers’ time. It may be covered by insurance—but then again, it might not.

Insurance policies often cover leaks only if they are caught early on. If you wait too long before calling, they may try to claim that any resulting damage was due to neglect on your part. The issue is that it can actually be pretty tough to know you have a slab leak—until it’s too late.

Know the signs so that you can get help ASAP—or at least minimize the damage to your property.

  • Warm Spots on the Floor – This is a common sign that your hot water lines have broken. It’s more common than the cold water pipes breaking because corrosion can speed up due to the way the heat and water react with the pipe material.
  • Low Water Pressure – The water pressure can plunge when your pipes break. If this happens in your home, call a plumber ASAP. Keep in mind that it could just be the hot water pressure that’s affected if only the hot water pipes are leaking.
  • Wet Spots – Don’t pass this off as a minor issue. If you notice moisture pooling around your home in any way, call in a professional plumber right away. It’s a sign that the issue has gotten serious and needs professional attention.
  • Problems around the Home – Cracks in the walls or floor and mold or mildew growth could be signs of a leak.
  • The Sound of Rushing Water – Even when you don’t expect to hear water running.

Call Evans Plumbing Inc for slab leak detection and repair services in Twin Falls, ID.

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