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When to Upgrade Your Heating System

furnace-open-oldAny home in our area needs a heating system. But that doesn’t mean it’s something you, your friends, and neighbors spend a lot of time thinking about. Your heating system runs from a hidden location, forcing air through ducts hidden in the wall, and all you have to do is touch a few buttons on the thermostat.

Once your furnace reaches a certain age, though, you might start to wonder…should I be thinking about upgrading soon? Although we’re not the type to push for homeowners to purchase a heater they don’t need, there is a point where it just makes more sense, economically (in the long run) and for your comfort.

Do it before it breaks down for good

Our most important piece of advice is to try and replace your heating system well before it’s completely nonfunctional.

Your heater is most likely to fail in the middle of a cold winter night when it is working the hardest—and when you need it the most. That means you’ll want to call in technicians as soon as possible, which comes with an extra emergency cost if you need it right away.

While they can attempt a quick fix while you wait for a replacement, you’ll most likely be stuck paying for multiple visits from a technician—when it could be taken care of faster if planned for. No one wants to deal with all this hassle. And you won’t get a chance to select the new, high-efficiency system that will most benefit your home!

Is your heater done for?

You certainly don’t want to replace a heater if it has a few good years left in it. But there are a few ways to tell that the expiration is coming up fast. Or, if your heater is still running, that keeping it around might not be worth it.

So is your heater really done for? That depends. Do you…

  • Make repairs far too frequently? In all likelihood, this will only keep happening. Paying to replace a heater bit by bit is far costlier than replacing it all at once, and it will work much better too.
  • Have to make an expensive repair? The rule of thumb: If it’s going to be around half what it would cost for a new system, replace it. The older heater is not worth hanging onto.
  • Pay way too much for heating? Hundreds of dollars a month could easily be reinvested into a new system that dramatically cuts costs and pays for itself in a few years. High-efficiency systems today work great, lower bills, and even run a little quieter than other heaters!
  • Have a system that’s 15 years old? 10-15 years is about the lifespan most manufacturers give to their heaters. This doesn’t mean you have to trade it in after 10 years or even after 15. However, if it’s around this age and you’ve been experiencing problems, it might make the most sense.

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