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Should I Replace My Heating System This Season?

Burner-AssemblyYou’re likely already running your heating system on a regular basis to cope with the temperatures lately. Before we get to far into heating season, though, you should take stock of your heating system and see if it needs to be replaced this season. If your heater is not up to the task of keeping you warm throughout the next few months, it’s better to replace it now than to wait for it to break down on you in the middle of a cold week. The best way to tell whether or not your system is in need of replacement is to have a professional examine your system. While you’re waiting for that appointment, though, have a look at the following symptoms that might indicate it’s time for a new system.

High Monthly Heating Bills

Heating bills are naturally going to rise as you use your system more from month to month. However, if your heating system starts to cost more than you think is justified by how much you’re using it, there may be a deeper issue at work. Oftentimes, spikes in monthly heating bills are a sign that the system is in need of replacement. The wear and tear on the system is extensive enough that it is costing it efficiency. The heater is operating for longer periods of time in order to compensate, which is contributing to higher bills. If this is the cause of your high monthly bills, unfortunately the only thing that can be done is to replace the system.

Frequent Repair Issues

It’s pretty common to need to repair your heating system once every few years or so. If your heater is breaking down once a year, though, that’s something that you need to deal with as soon as possible. Breaking down that frequently often means that the system is so worn out that parts of it are failing in groups. This issue will only get worse the longer the system is in use. You can keep repairing the system if you want, but at that point you’re just replacing it one part at a time. It will be far less expensive in the long run to have the system replaced entirely.

Old Age

The average heating system lasts around 10-15 years before it starts developing chronic issues that prevent it from working properly. The older a heater gets, the more prone it’s going to be to develop problems like those listed above. If your heater is older than 15 years, we highly recommend that you have a professional technician take a look at it as soon as possible. Chance are, you’ll be much better served by replacing it now than waiting for it to break down completely.

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