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4 Reasons to Schedule Annual Heating Service Today

Your heating system may seem to operate just fine, but hidden problems start to reveal themselves as the weather starts to get much colder. Schedule heating service today, so that you can find out about these problems and improve the performance of your furnace, boiler, or heat pump for the upcoming fall and winter chill. Read on to find out how annual heating service can benefit you and your home.

#1: Your Safety

We want you to know that today’s heaters are relatively safe, especially when compared to heaters that were manufactured many decades ago. With built in safety switches, gas leaks are unlikely, but still possible.

In addition, heating equipment could be responsible for a carbon monoxide leak. And heating-related fires made up 16% of home fires last year. A pre-season inspection ensures that your heater is as safe as it can be.

#2: Efficiency

Included in annual heating maintenance is a quick tune-up, which may include a cleaning of the burners and an adjustment of a few major parts. This could help the heater to operate more efficiently, which means a better impact on the environment and, of course, lower monthly bills.

#3: Fewer Repairs

There are two ways annual maintenance service helps to prevent repairs in the middle of winter. First, the tune-up may allow for parts to run more smoothly. This reduces the chances that you’ll need heater repairs when the system is working its hardest.

In addition, an inspection reveals any issues that may exist within your heater already. You’ll need to schedule repairs for another time, most likely. But it means you get these out of the way now, and not after your system breaks down and you really need heat.

#4: Lasting Performance

Heating systems that receive annual maintenance service tend to last for longer than those that do not. Keep your heater for an extra year or two by scheduling maintenance for your system each and every year.

Call Evans Plumbing Inc for quality heating services in Twin Falls, ID. We’ll help get your system in top shape.

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