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How Hydro Jetting Clears Out Your Drains

Most methods of drain cleaning target a specific clog or type of clog. But much of the residue in the drains is left behind, which leaves your drains vulnerable to more blockage in the near future. Hydro jetting is one of the only ways to really get the drains clean, and this is important if you want to drastically cut back on the number of clogs you get in a year.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Plumbers are often equipped with the tools for hydro jetting. A long, thin hose and a water supply are all they really need for the work, after they use video camera inspection equipment to look through the pipes, if necessary.

The nozzle at the end of the hose sprays out water from all 360°. The higher than normal pressure of the water helps to lift residue and debris from the insides of the pipes and keep them clean. This not only removes clogs; it also prevents clogs from coming back because debris cannot get stuck along the pipe lining so easily.

What Puts It Above Other Cleaning Methods

Chemical drain cleaners are not a good solution for your drain clogs, and they won’t necessarily clean your drains. When they do seem to work, they only help with clogs near the drain opening. But they only dissolve certain types of organic materials, while others are left behind. What’s worse is that they damage the inside of the pipes—unlike water—and the chemicals are highly toxic! We recommend that you stay away.

Drain augers and snakes are certainly acceptable methods of cleaning out a drain. And in some cases, you need an auger to target a tough clog lodged far along in the sewer line. But often, hydro jetting is used in conjunction with drain augers and drain snakes to really clear out the pipes. A drain auger alone can’t scrub down the insides of the pipes, whereas a high-pressure jet can help.

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