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It’s Time to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Equipment!

air-conditioning-maintenanceSpring has officially arrived, and while we still have a few more cool days ahead of us, you’re likely going to be using your air conditioner more and more in the coming weeks. Nothing can be more frustrating than to suffer an unexpected breakdown in the middle of summer, especially when the temperatures are hot and you need your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. A timely repair service can respond to any air conditioning emergencies you may have, but better than fixing a problem of that nature is preventing it in the first place.

That calls for an air conditioning maintenance session, which can get an early jump or repair issues and help your system perform more efficiently. Now is the ideal time to schedule such a session, when the weather is still cool and you won’t have regular need of your air conditioner for a few more weeks at least. What is a maintenance session and how does it benefit you? Read on for the answers.

How It Works

Maintenance sessions are differentiated from repair sessions in that they don’t focus on one specific problem. Instead, they’re intended to check for any number of problems that may be present. The technician goes through the entire air conditioning system and looks for any problems, no matter how small. In the event an issue is discovered and it can be easily corrected — if, say, a wire is loose or a filter is clogged — the technician will fix it as part of the maintenance session.

If something larger is discovered — an issue that requires a formal repair session — the technician can set up such a session with the homeowner. In many cases, it can take place immediately after the maintenance session, provided the proper equipment is on hand (and it is a good 90%) of the time.

What It Does for You

The exact impact of a maintenance session varies depending on the state and need of your air conditioner. There are usually at least three tangible benefits however:

  1. Lower Bills. Fixing little problems like loose bolts helps your system perform more effectively. Not only will that lower the monthly cost of running your system since it won’t be wasting as much energy, but the reduced strain will lower the chances of a breakdown and repair later on.
  2. Easier Repairs. If your system needs formal repairs, it’s far better to spot them early during a maintenance session. That lets you schedule repairs at your leisure, instead of rushing around in the face of a crisis. It also means that the repairs are usually less expensive, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread.
  3. Longer Life. With annual maintenance sessions, you can cut down on the wear and tear suffered by individual components. That, in turn, can help extend the overall life of the air conditioner by months or even years in some cases, as well as reducing the impact of repairs later in the system’s life.

For quality air conditioning maintenance in Kimberly, ID, call on the friendly professionals at Evans Plumbing, Inc. today!

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