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Symptoms of Common Air Conditioning Problems

air-conditioning-maintenanceJust like when your immune system becomes compromised and you have symptoms like a runny nose or a cough, your air conditioner may show symptoms of internal glitches.  It’s easy to rationalize why your system isn’t performing at high capacity, why your bills have increased, or your house never seems to cool off completely to avoid actually scheduling a repair. Instead of trying to wish these issues away, have our team attack these problems head-on for you. Our technicians here at Evans Plumbing Inc. perform impeccable Twin Falls air conditioning repairs and we have extensive experience with all types of HVAC issues.

What Are the Signs?

Low Airflow

Our weather here in Wood River, Magic Valley and Treasure Valley does cool off quickly but we do experience lingering summer temperatures into early fall. Don’t try to face these last few hot days without air conditioning. If you turn your unit on but only feel a mere trickle of cool air coming from your vents, it’s likely a sign that there’s something wrong with your compressor or your ducts. You should have a professional come out and survey your system for error.

Odd Sounds

If you set your thermostat for a cool temperature and your AC switches on and sounds like a heavy metal concert, you’ve definitely got a problem, but not one that can’t be fixed! Grinding, scraping, or clanking indicates that a component of your system is either out of place or faulty. This is a problem that requires immediate attention because these types of problems effect create a domino effect and can negatively impact other areas of your system.

Higher Bills

A higher bill is a symptom that most homeowners immediately notice but don’t always associate with the inefficiency of their system. Unless you’re running your system more often, there isn’t any reason your air conditioning bill should change. Higher bills are an indication of a fault somewhere in the system like leaky ductwork, a malfunctioning thermostat, bad parts. A professional can assess and rectify all these issues for you. Don’t try to DIY! In our experience, homeowners trying to troubleshoot with their air conditioning worsens the issue more often than it solves the issue.

Warm Air

If you switch on your AC and you’re met with lukewarm temperatures, it becomes frustrating very quickly. Warm air coming from your vents doesn’t mean that your system is about to fail, but it can be an indication of anything from a dirty air filter to a refrigerant leak. Any homeowner is more than qualified to change their own air filter, but a problem like a refrigerant leak requires a qualified and trained technician.

Our Team Can Help

If your system is experiencing any of the issues listed above or a different issue that needs repair, you can trust us to handle the problem for you. Our business has over 40 years of professional experience solving all sorts of issues for homeowners—from drain and sewer difficulties to air conditioning and heating services.

If you need AC repairs, contact us today to schedule a service.

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