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How to Check Your Sump Pump

plumbing-flooding-homeYou expect your sump pump to work reliably when you need it. But many homeowners who feel the same way find themselves surprised when they find their basements filled with water (and their sump pumps in need of replacement).

Spring is near, which means that your sump pump may need to take on some extra work as ice thaws and rain rolls in. Make sure your sump pump is working today, or get it replaced long before you have to shell out money to pump out the water and replace valuables. Find out how to check your sump pump in the guide below, and call our team for more information about sump pumps in Twin Falls, ID.

The Steps of a Sump Pump Test

Overall, checking a sump pump is not too difficult. First, you need to inspect the entire system for minor issues that may come up here and there. Then, you’ll have to do a simple test. We recommend taking this on with great detail before spring (when flooding is more common) and about every three months. If your home is prone to frequent flooding, you may want to check the pump more frequently.

  1. Check the drains. First, check the drain that leads to the outdoors. If there is an outlet that leads to the yard, clear it of any debris you can see. If buildup in the drain seems extreme, call in a plumber.
  2. Clean the pump. You may have to physically remove the pump to check for debris at the beginning of the outlet to the yard.
  3. Inspect the pump. Call a plumber if you notice cracks in the case or anything else that seems alarming.
  4. Fill up the pit. Pour a bucket of water into the pit and make sure that water drains away properly. Of course, if you notice problems, you should call in an expert.

What You Can Fix On Your Own

Often, a broken sump pump is in need of replacement. However, there are some small issues you may be able to take care of. Cleaning out the drain is one such adjustment. If a sump pump has completely shut off, you should always try to reset circuit breaker before jumping to conclusions.

During operation, the sump pump may vibrate, causing the pump to tip over or tilt to the side. If anything looks off, you can make adjustments to the sump pump and test operation afterwards.

When to Call for Sump Pump Replacement

You may be able to find information about the life expectancy for a particular product so that you have a general guideline of when you’ll need to replace it. Some submersible sump pumps (the type that sits directly in the pit) are estimated to last about 10-15 years, while pedestal pumps, which are perched above the pit, could last a decade more.

In certain areas, sump pumps are used more than in others. If your pump runs nearly all day, it may need to be replaced much sooner than one that runs only once or twice a year. Regular testing can give you an idea of the state of your pump, and you can always contact a plumber with any questions.

Call Evans Plumbing Inc today for sump pump services in Twin Falls, ID from friendly local plumbers.

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