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The Most Important Factor in Selecting a New HVAC System

green-home-handHeating and air conditioning systems are a must-have for many homes throughout the country, which means they are often a “distress purchase” of sorts. Homeowners may only really buy a new heating system or a new air conditioner when it’s an emergency, leaving them little time to consider their options. In many cases, they simply stick with the cheapest system they can find, but we think this is a mistake.

Whenever possible, we think it’s important for homeowners to take the time to compare efficiency ratings and find the best HVAC system available for their homes. Today, we take a look at why this is.

Why High Efficiency Matters

First of all, you likely know that high-efficiency systems help to benefit the environment. Air conditioners, heaters, and even dishwashers and lightbulbs are given the ENERGY STAR label to show that they meet guidelines from the Energy Protection Association to save the earth’s valuable resources.

But of course, this also benefits you. When a product is made with efficiency in mind, that means it’s able to give out the same output with less energy use, lowering your costs. You should never have to worry about a suffering quality of performance for a high-efficiency system—it’s quite the opposite!

How Initial Price Can Be Deceptive

Still, many people are turned off of the idea of high efficiency once they hear about pricing. With air conditioning and heating, those concerns are even higher. You’re already spending thousands, possibly, on new equipment. Does it really make a difference if you save some money with a less efficient unit?

As it turns out, many people end up experiencing an offset in pricing when they upgrade to a higher efficiency models. That means that, in a few short years, what you save on AC and heat (which is usually significant) evens out the higher price, and it’s all savings from there.

Where to Look for Efficiency Ratings

The ENERGY STAR product label is a good indication that something is highly efficient, but it doesn’t really offer insight into just how efficient something is. You’re looking for a specific number, listed elsewhere on the product description, and that will vary depending on what type of equipment you’re looking into. For example…

  • AFUE ­– A high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency for a furnace or boiler would be about 90 or above.
  • SEER – A high SEER rating for an air conditioning system or heat pump is about 15 or higher.

Who to Trust with HVAC Installation

All in all, a professional technician is the best person to help you take on this type of decision. A qualified technician who knows the industry inside and out and all of the products out there can advise you on the most efficient system for your personal needs.

Besides, even the most efficient system can fail if it’s not properly installed, or if it’s even slightly oversized or undersized. This is something that only a trained person can and should handle.

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