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Furnace Services in Twin Falls, ID

When you're in need of furnace services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding Wood River Valley area, call the heating experts at Evans Plumbing Inc. We offer comprehensive Twin Falls furnace repair and maintenance as well as new furnace installation. Not only will we ensure that your system is in good running order, but with our expert installation services we can size your gas or electric furnace to best fit your Twin Falls home's heating needs. Call us today to schedule furnace services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding Wood River Valley area. We'll have a professional heating technician on the way in no time!

Furnace Installation Service in Twin Falls, ID

Why do many Twin Falls residents choose to install a furnace in their home? This is a good question, especially when new heating technology has come along. There are a few reasons why furnaces have maintained dominance in the heating field:

  • Flexibility: With both gas furnaces and electric furnaces available, there’s always a furnace that’s the right fit for a home. The wide range of sizes and models makes it easy for technicians to match a house with an effective furnace.
  • Power: The gas furnace is one of the most powerful heating systems for residential homes. The amount of heat a gas furnace provides can overcome any level of cold.
  • Cost: Furnaces are usually less expensive than many other options, and this makes them a good option for homeowners working on a budget.

Twin Falls Furnace Repair & Maintenance Services

A furnace that received a professional installation should be able to run without major malfunctions for many years. But nothing can guarantee a repair–free furnace, of course. Watch for these indications that you should call for professionals to fix your home’s furnace:

  • Strange sounds: You’ll become used to the range of noises your furnace makes while operating. When loud or odd sounds interrupt this—booming, clicking, clanging, shrieking—it usually means a mechanical failure. Don’t investigate on your own: call professionals.
  • Acrid smells from the vents: When the air coming from the vents has an acrid taint to it, it usually means a motor is burning out.
  • Reduced airflow: When you find that the airflow from the vents feels sluggish, it could point to troubles with the furnace’s air handler.

Furnaces, in particular gas furnaces, require the work of experienced and trained technicians to fix them. Our team is ready to help, so give them a call. You can also arrange for annual maintenance service, which will go a long way toward preventing repairs in the future.

Let Us Handle Your Furnace Services in the Greater Twin Falls Area!

Evans Plumbing Inc is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of all of our customers. It’s why we’ve stayed in business for more than four decades. We work with many types of furnaces, both electric and gas models, and our technicians can take on any size of job that you may need for one. Contact us for new installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance for furnaces in Twin Falls, ID and the rest of the Wood River Valley. Our technicians will see that you receive only the highest quality work, no matter the job.

Service… it’s the heart of our business! Call us today to schedule furnace services in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding area.

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